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Hi everyone

Due to years of uncontrollable head sweats I was started on a course of meds to help reduce the sweats. All this did was make my eyes dry, drink lots retain fluid and in general didn't do much.

So after a referral from my rheumatologist to a lovely dermatologist he suggested Botox injections into the scalp.

This is now happening on Tuesday of next week.

Has anyone else had this done? If you had I'd love to here from you.

Rosh xx

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Had Botox injections and so far so good. I got 2.5ml injected into both sides of my head just above and behind the ears. This was carried out by getting about 10 injections each side. The injections do not hurt as a very fine needle is used. (So if you ever had steroid injections this is nothing at all even getting blood tests is much worse than this!!).

So once it was done I was free to go and get on with the rest of my day with no pain or problems.

As for the results very surprised my scalp sweated when it was hot or cold if I was resting or even making a cup of tea, the extent of the sweats was looking like a bucket of water thrown over me 6/7 times a day. With Botox this is much much reduced have had only 3 major sweats in over a week I only have to blow dry my hair once in the morning now instead of up to 5 times.

So next stage it to go back in 4 months time and then it will be doubled to 5ml each side, with each visit alternating between 2.5 and 5 ml.

Over this next 4 months I've been asked to check for other sweat patches on my scalp as it's not the whole of the scalp that sweats it's isolated areas this is why the Botox can be placed in small areas and not all over the scalp.

Will keep a progress update for those of you who are interested.



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