Tiredness and racing heart

Hi all I was wondering if anyone else suffers from mad tiredness not just a wee bit tired but mind numbing tiredness which floors your whole system to the point you can't move think or get out of bed! I'm also suffering from heart palpitations I've seen gp and she thinks I'm in early stages of early on set metapause and I'm not 40 yet! Anyone else suffering this and advice I'm fed up ps the sweats are ridiculous too.


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  • Sounds like a flare to me - night sweats and fatigue are signs of disease activity. Have you been diagnosed yet? Are you on any medication?

  • I've been told ive lupus tendencies but not an official diagnoses I also have fibromyalgia. I do take quinine tablets fentanyl patches antinflamatoires and pain killers. At this point I'm just so fed up with myself and could cry but that's not gonna get me anywhere.

  • I'd go back and find out a bit more about the lupus. With the right medication the current symptoms could resolve, so why not push a bit. Don't be fed up with yourself! Be fed up with what's happening with you and then take action to get an improvement. About the crying - it might not get you anywhere but it does release the tension and makes you feel that at least YOU care.

  • eejit...I got terrible hot flashes during menopause. I am 51. Thought it was menopause, but I am officially done. I am still getting hot flashes. They are terrible and annoying. I haven't found a solution. They aren't as bad, but I still have heat. And I had terrible heart palpitations last night with the high humidity. Cant breathe in it. Had to turn a/c on. And I am also tired these past few days. But, my rheumy says no lupus because my blood work came back negative. Go figure. Very difficult to assess and get help. Good luck. May need to see a specialist.

  • Thank you I hope all gets better. It's so hard to get the right help.

  • Hi eejit

    Is your GP testing your hormone levels?. Good to find out if it is the menopause or Lupus?. X

  • They have done a hormone test waiting on results can take up to a week for result so will let u know.

  • Hi Eejit

    Good luck for results.X

  • Got results faster than expected and its shows raised hormone levels so more blood tests in 6 weeks to confirm early metapause.

  • Hi Eejit

    I bet you have mixed feelings about your hormone results but it's a way to get the treatment you need!. Good luck for these next test results.X

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