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Latest update & night sweats

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Hi Folks I came home from hospital on Monday after full hysterectomy and removal of masses - the consultant rang me yesterday to say the mass that was melon sized they had found cancer right in the middle but because he removed it intact there has been no spread so I don’t need any more treatment, I thank my lucky stars that I went to the GP,s when I did and things have been sorted very quickly, I still need surgery for the bowel aneurysm that was found when I had my CT scan but need to recover properly from this operation , I also have pneumonia at the moment but I’m doing ok - now the thing that has really hit me is I’ve gone straight into the menopause and am having really bad night sweats where I’m continually waking absolutely soaking wet I then go back to sleep for a bit and it happens again- just wondering if anyone can give me any tips on how to handle these night sweats, I don’t want to go on to HRT if at all possible . Thanks for reading 💕

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Jeeze hun you’ve been through the mill 🙄… what a relief you’ve had it done and I am sure in time you will feel much better now the watermelon 🍉 has gone 🙈. Sadly can’t offer advice on night sweats as I had hysterectomy but still have ovary . I’m sure you’ll get some cracking responses and great advice . Loads of love and hugs and a tap on the head with the paw from Mr Tiggs xxx

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svfarmer in reply to Tiggywoos

Ahh thanks so much Tiggywoos now where do you get these caramel buttons from they sound right up my street 🤗❤️

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Tiggywoos in reply to svfarmer

Good old Cadbury 😂. On special offer at mo just a £1.00! Xx

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Ps be super kind to yourself , have whatever you fancy to eat or drink while you heal .. I hear caramel buttons are very good for you 😋😉xxx

Hi lovely, first of all I just want to say how delighted I am at your news. What a huge relief for you and your family. Wonderful news. Now the menopause. Like you I went straight into menopause, soaking night sweats, rosacea, restless legs. Initially they put me on HRT but my blood pressure shot up to dangerous levels so they took me off it. I bought a Chillo a pillow that you put in the fridge. It regulates your head and neck temperature which really helps you to remain asleep. My only caution for you is that now 19 years on I have vaginal atrophy and constant UTI’s. The Urologist put me on Vagifem a low dose HRT pessaries which I use three times a week and Hylofemme an Hyderolonic Acid which helps with moisture and comfort. Get some advice from your GP so that you don’t go through this too. Huge Cwtches and lots of love xxx

Thanks so much Cecily - I’ve just ordered a chillo so that will be a big help - it’s awful what us women have to go through and will definitely get some advice about dryness etc as sounds very uncomfortable - how are you doing now? Is your knee all better now? Xx

It will really help you, I loved my Chillo. Oh please get some advice about the dryness. I complained bitterly of burning for years. Smears were horrendously painful ( they left my cervix which was shocking as I had had three treatments for pre cancerous cells). Often after many attempts to do the smear I would be bleeding and get infection afterwards. Nothing was ever done except a half hearted attempt to fob me off with Canestan. It was only in 2020 a lovely Urology nurse was horrified that I had had no help and said you clearly have severe vaginal atrophy after 19 years with no help she wrote to my GP and said I needed pessaries HRT and moisturiser as a matter of urgency. The difference it made was amazing. I have had one UTI since . The year before starting this I had six. I am starting to come out of a nasty flare and have started Colchicine. I am taking it at night and this is my third attempt at taking it and the most successful. I had a telephone consultation with a physio who really did not want a face to face. I stood my ground as the knee is giving way and I have the bruises to prove it. He said well you are serious risk because of your AI conditions, obeisity and you are elderly 😳 I am 60 next month but the last one was a bit of an insult. I told him I will take my chances so I am waiting for an appointment now. You rest up and get well lovely xxx

Omg 60 elderly what an insult 🤬 how can they say that 60 is the new 40 ☺️ really hope you get an appointment soon, you’ve suffered so much lately and horrendous about your vaginal problems and can’t believe they did take your cervix away after having problems - how’s your gorgeous doggies doing? Xx

I know, the surgeon said it was awkward because you are large. I think it was because my endometriosis had again stuck bladder, womb, bowel together and to my pelvic wall. I have a pocket left in my bladder from it too. My boys are just gorgeous even though they went to the groomer yesterday and were shaved 😱. Neil said I told her their hot take it all off. Apparently she said even their feathers? And he agreed. So they look more like little fat sea lions with spindly legs now but they are comfortable and smell lovely so that is what matters most xxx

Are bless them - I have visions of them running around with their spindly legs looking like little fat sea lions 😂 hope you have a lovely weekend x

Thank you you too lovely xxx

That’s the spirit!

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I know this will sound stupid but bear with me. If you have a B&M stores in your area they sell a dog cool mat for £5, it’s in a box. You don’t need to put it in the fridge it is cold all the time. You can turn it over after awhile and it feels colder. We bought one for the dog we were looking after who was not impressed, so my husband said he’d try it in bed as he is permanently hot whereas I have the electric blanket on through a lot of the summer. He laid it on the bed just below the pillow and said it was great. He bought it down a few days later for me to feel it, and the flipping dog reclaimed it. But it may be worth a try. At that price you could get a few. Sorry for all that you have been through. You were very lucky that they got it all out intact. I wish you a speedy recovery. Lots of the nurses that used to come to my holistic therapy centre used these magnets to put on your knickers and swore by them (although they did get stuck to trolleys in work!). I used Angus Castus and Dong Quai in combination from Holland and Barrett as I had a hysterectomy at age 36. I found them great when, after 9 years, I came off HRT. Within 2 years I didn’t need anything. X

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svfarmer in reply to Bowenlady

😂😂😂 yes my sister tried those magnets in her knickers but they didn’t work - funnily enough I bought one of those dog cooling mats last year but both the dogs didn’t like it so gave it to a friend but I’ve just I ordered a Chillo - a pillow that is very similar that someone on here recommended so fingers crossed - Thankyou so much with your kind wishes xx

Great tip in the cold dog mats thank you, I have hot flushes and night sweats so will try this 🐕😀

I have a friend who swears by sage extract for menopausal sweats - she also had a total in her 30s so had plenty of practice. She was put on HRT though, premarin I think it was then.

You have to look at the good side of it all don't you - lucky they got it all. Get well soon

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svfarmer in reply to PMRpro

Thankyou so much xx

Oh poor you that is such a lot to go through, so pleased to hear they’ve removed the cancer in tact and wishing you a speedy recovery from your surgery. As for the dreaded hot flushes, they’re horrible aren’t they, I’ve been on Oestrogel, it’s a transdermal oestrogen and they stopped within days, I couldn’t tolerate any other HRT, sadly I’ve had to stop though because I can’t tolerate the progesterone part and the flushes are back, I'm waiting for a hysterectomy and prolapse surgery so can try just the oestrogen after surgery. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the menopause dr, it’s a great website with lots of excellent info on the menopause, it might be worth a look at when you feel up to it. Gp’s have very little training in the menopause in fact according to Dr Louise Newson it’s just an e-learning module after their training! She’s now set up courses for GP’s of which 8,000 have signed up for, so there’s hope for us yet!

Hope this helps a little

Sending hugs and wishing you well 🤗

Diane x

Thankyou so much for the link and your well wishes, I hope you have an appointment soon for your hysterectomy and prolapse surgery xxx

Thank you 🙏💐 xxx

Very useful link, I hope you don’t mind me pinching the tip, thank you 🥵

I don’t mind at all! I think it’s the best menopause website available. The menopause Dr also has a Facebook page and is on Instagram, she’s also set up the The Menocharity to raise awareness of menopause.

I hope you find it useful. 🌸xx

Reading your profile I see you suffer from IC. I have this and LS as part of STILLS. Have you found anything that helps IC at all?

I’ve had IC for many years, it started when I was in my late 30’s with constant UTI’s, I’m 60 now and it has been a bit more tolerable especially after having a ring pessary 2.5 years ago for pelvic organ prolapse and a grade 2 cystocele , I haven’t had the pessary in for a month as I’ve been having problems with it so I’m petrified of the bladder pain flaring, I find bladder pain really hard to cope with. The urologist put me on detrusitol and an anti histamine which works well so I was taking that for many years, I’m off it now but always have it to hand if my bladder is misbehaving, it often feels ‘on the edge’ and I have antibiotics to hand so I can self manage.

I always bottle wash too and never use anything scented down there and I use vagifem local oestrogen too, I think that helps especially if post menopausal and something called Citro Soda that my brother brings over from Kenya for me, it’s a bit like the cystitis relief sachets you can get in the pharmacy here but it’s much better and comes in big bottles so it lasts ages, sadly you can’t get it here.

I have always used hot water bottles between my legs for the pain but have recently found that an ice pack is actually effective too if you can bear the cold, I wrap it in a small towel.

About 20 years ago I was so desperate I resorted to Chinese medicine, I was boiling up sticks and things😩 it didn’t work!

I saw a gynaecologist who at the time told me to abstain from sex and put me on amitriptyline which knocked me out for days which was not helpful at all! In the end I insisted on being referred to a urologist who understood totally.

I’m so sorry you suffer with it too, have you seen a urologist for yours? It’s such a miserable condition to cope with😞.

Diane xx

I am so glad the cancer was contained and removed. The horrible night sweats may lessen in time as your surgery is still so recent and then adding the pneumonia and your already existing problems - everything is activated. I remember that I also had bouts of nausea following my hysterectomy for a long time. i was already dealing with night sweats from lupus before the surgery. Even now when things get worse, I get them. Unfortunately, I have no answers to help, but will send you good thoughts.

Healing hugs.

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svfarmer in reply to Pumpkin2009

Thankyou so much for your healing hugs - hope everything is good with you 😘

Hi SV, what a relief the cancer was caught in time, your GP is fantastic for getting everything arranged and done so quickly. I was advised against going on HRT by my rheumatologist due to possible heart complications in the future. I bought moisture wicking bed sheets and a head band ( like the ones tennis players wear ).The head band absorbs the sweat from my forehead and neck and stops my hair from getting soaking wet . Wishing you all the best and love to Mira and Bea xx.

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Thankyou so much and will look into this head band it sounds perfect - Thankyou so much for your well wishes x

Hey SV! Happy to hear no more treatment is necessary and the mass was otherwise benign. Great news!

As for menopause, that’s tough. I get night sweats regularly so I invested in an ooler. It’s a pad that goes over your mattress. It has little tubes it fills with water. I keep my bed at 15 C at night and haven’t had any issues with night sweats since then unless I travel.

When I travel, I take a BedJet with me which is basically a top sheet that a fan blows into.

HRT would provide a lot of relief and it’s good for female cardiovascular and bone health. Maybe ask your doctor about it and express some of your concerns about trying it? I’d hate to see you forgo something that might provide you life changing relief. Ya know?

Sending many virtual hugs your way. ❤️xx

Hello svfarmer,My word, you have been through the mill.

Your great sense of humour is driving you on.

Great to hear that the cancer has been removed safely.

Time for your body to heal.

Hope Ian is looking after you well!

Woof Woof to the dogs, they will be involved with the healing process too.

We are all thinking of you.

Stay Safe 🌸

Thankyou so much - Ian bless him is learning to be a housewife and on the whole he’s been doing a very good job - my little Bea&Mira just melt my heart every time I look at them , Mira being Mira is firmly sat on my lap all the time 🤣 xx

Please to hear you are home from hospital. Hope your recovery is uneventful. Hot flushes are uncomfortable and you have my full sympathy. I had a hysterectomy 12 years ago but I still have my ovaries. I started with hot flushes I tried changing diet , certain foods certainly aggravate it coffee, alcohol and red meat. But then I I found my lupus flared so much I decided on hrt and I have to admit I feel much better . But I can understand you not wanting to, hope you start feeling better .take care M x

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svfarmer in reply to Maddymay65

Thanks Maddymay I really hope the sweats calm down as I’m just not sleeping and as we all know lupus gives us such bad fatigue I’m finding it really difficult as I’m so tired all the time anyway so no sleep on top I can see will get me down very soon xx

Hi SV FarmerI haven’t posted for a while but have been reading your posts about your recent health difficulties. What a time you’ve been having 😢

So pleased your op has gone well for you and that you have had good news from the consultant 😊 That must be such a relief for you and your family.

On the night sweat front, I have an oscillating fan that I have at the bottom of the bed. It seems to do the trick for me and the drone of the fan lulls me to sleep!

Wishing you a speedy recovery SV. Kick back and chill now. Take care of yourself.

Sue x

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Thanks so much Sue for your best wishes, I have a small fan by the bed but may have to invest in a bigger one xx

Great news no spread and good you got seen to when you did 🙏 hope you recover soon 🤗xx

I wish you a speedy recovery, you have been through the mill. I used to have a bottle of chilled water beside my bed, it instantly cooled me down. Best wishes xx

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Thankyou so much now there is a good tip about the chilled water , I hadn’t thought of that xx

In a thermos flask filled with ice, it will stay cold for hours 🥵🥶

Hi svfarmer, I am so happy that the op went well for you. I have thought about you many times after you telling us. This has been the best outcome and I wish you well for your future operation to.I was one of these luck ladies that went through early menopause. I chose not to take HRT but as it started when I was younger than 40 it was not advised. Still it was my choice. I am unsure of your age but if you are under 40 I suggest a bone density scan. Early menopause can lead to brittle bone if you don’t take the right hormones that our bodies have now stopped producing. You probably know this so sorry if I sound condescending. The night sweats are the worst. Sage helps a little but do not expect it to work overnight and my best friend was my cooling pillow. 5 years in I took HRT for 2 years and that then took the edge of them. Now 10 years later I still love my cooking pillow. No night sweats like before but my bodies thermostat has a mind of it’s own. Nature may well be a beautiful thing but being a woman is tough! Good luck, I hope your body evens out and things start to get easier. X

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svfarmer in reply to NannyDonna

Thanks so much NannyDonna - I’m 53 so about the right age for menopause, my sister is 50 and she’s being through it the last year too- like you say no fun at all being a woman xx

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NannyDonna in reply to svfarmer

You should definitely get yourself a cooler pillow. They really do help. Good luck with it x

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svfarmer in reply to NannyDonna

Yes I have ordered one x

Much love and best wishes to you fir a speedy recovery. Have you watched Davina McCalls programme on menopause? X

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svfarmer in reply to BonnyB

Thanks so much BonnyB yes I did watch the Davina McCalls programme , it was very interesting xx

What fantastic news about the cancer and no treatment needed.👍🏻👍🏻 Thank the Lord our prayers have been answered. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 I’m so happy for you SV.🥳 Regarding the sweats, I would wait until you are fully recovered from the pneumonia because I know that you sweat a LOT with it. Once fully recovered if you are still sweating so much I’d try Jan de Vries website for natural remedies for Menopause. I personally found hot drinks triggered a hot flush so added more cold milk or water to them which helped. Hoping you get over the pneumonia soon. 🙏🏻 Take good care of yourself SV. Thinking of you. Hugs 🤗😘xx

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Thanks so much Spotty - hopefully it’s the sweats with the pneumonia and thankyou for the tip for natural remedies - I will definitely look into that - I feel very lucky at the moment that the cancer was found and removed as things could have turned out so different - onwards and upwards - hope you have a lovely weekend xx

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Spotty-ewe in reply to svfarmer

Yes, definitely very lucky the cancer was contained and removed completely. 👏🏻👏🏻 So you can totally relax now and enjoy a very peaceful recovery with loads of cuddles from Bea and Mira as well as the love and attention of Ian and your family. 🥰 Thank you for your kind wishes and I hope you have a lovely weekend too. With love and hugs . 💕🤗😘🙏🏻xxx

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svfarmer in reply to Spotty-ewe


Oh SV, what a relief on the cancer front, sounds like you have had great care to get that sorted so swiftly. Sorry to hear about the pneumonia though, not very nice to contend with particularly after your surgery and the pending situation with your aneurysm. Some great suggestions here about managing menopausal symptoms - all I can add is keep as cool and relaxed as you can, cotton clothing all the way and try and avoid tricky/stressful situations/decision making as much as you can. I know some are inevitable as that is part of life, but at the moment, rest up big time, your body has been through the mill and nothing like rest to help with the healing process. Lots of love and healing thoughts to you at this time and do keep us posted as to how you are getting on. 🤗😘🤗

Thanks Horsewhisper for your kind wishes xx

Hi SV. Wow, wow, wow, you are most certainly going through it, but there is light at the end of the tunnel - I can see it 🌈🌈🌈

Really good news that the cancer was contained by the melon (you know what I mean!!) and they must be convinced it hasn't spread otherwise you'd be on chemo by now. So that's all good, but pneumonia and then menopausal sweats are not at all good. Pneumonia can also cause sweating, so it might ease when the infection's under control. I hope so anyway, as you've been through enough.

Hope you feel a bit better soon and that you're getting lots of gentle fur baby (and fiance) cuddles.

Here are a few more from me,


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svfarmer in reply to MEGS53

Ahh thanks Megs am feeling abit better everyday, Mira has turned into my furry nurse, she does not leave my side, if I move , she’s moved with me 😂 hope you have a lovely weekend . Xx

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MEGS53 in reply to svfarmer

Soooo pleased you're feeling a bit better, but it'll take a while so be kind to yourself and accept any cuddles on offer.

Take care, xxx

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svfarmer in reply to MEGS53


SVF- good news on the clean margins and all. You’ve got a lot going on and your body isn’t done with the fight even with the latest surgery. Be kind to yourself.

The creatures know!! Sometimes better than the humans, what healing touches are needed. You are her person and she is in sync.🥰🐕‍🦺💛


Thankyou for your kind words - have a lovely weekend xx

Most certainly mention your hot flashes to your doctor. There are treatments safe for lupus patients suffering surgical menopause.

Two and half years ago, I was suffering from PTSD plus peri menopause and had horrible hot flashes through the night. Buying 100 percent linen sheets helped a lot. I also found meditation before bed helped me too. I was put on Lipitor as well and there are studies that link vascular and cardio health with hot flashes in addition to hormonal shifts. I increased my exercise plus fiber, started vitamin d and aspirin, warfarin and a statin and started therapy for anxiety.

I do not know if it was one of these things or a combo of all or just hormonal shifts but I have not had hot flashes now for two years and my last cycle was 11 months ago.

I am glad the cancer is fully resected, full resection is always the only chance for full cure:) and I hope your recovery is swift and thorough. Get well soon.

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svfarmer in reply to Roarah

Thanks Roarah I’m so happy you found something that works for you , so interesting and thankyou for your well wishes xx

They are now selling pillow cases with a cool side and a normal side and same with duvets, got mine from lidl x

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svfarmer in reply to pisces16

Sounds amazing Thankyou x

I'm thrilled that cancer hasn't spread 🤗. As for night sweats there's not much you can do, maybe try having a fan directly on you or ice packs. As far as I know those cooling sheets don't work like they say. Also ice water to drink through out the night.

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svfarmer in reply to Olderkitten

Thanks - any tips appreciated 💕

Re hot flushes, I wear cotton cami and knickers in bed which absorb the sweat, then I the rip them off. This cools me down after the first flush and protects the bed a bit too. I also keep a frozen flannel in the fridge and send hubby to get it and put it behind my neck rolled up in a sock which absorbs and drips. The bedroom looks like a gym locker room each morning 😀. Hope all the great tips from readers help you get some healing sleep x

Thanks Stills your post really made me laugh , Thankyou for all the great tips xx

Hi sv yaay good news indeed! im so pleased for you! your positive outlook shines through & will most certainly aid your recovery💕

As for menopause symptoms- my advise & what worked for me was .. eat well, stay hydrated, keep alcohol & spicy foods, sugar & caffeine to a minimum & hopefully your night sweats will ease up.. but I'm sure the pneumonia is adding to this at the moment as others have mentioned but definitely worth a go before HRT route.

Take care sv thinking of you


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svfarmer in reply to daisydayz

Thankyou for your well wishes and top tips daisydayz xx

Hello SV, I know I don't come on here often unless I see something I've gone through. Which seems this one is. I'm happy everything is working out with the removal of your melon and sorry about the Pneumonia and upcoming bowel stuff to deal with.

I had a hysterectomy 7 years ago removing the ovaries and cervix. Hot flashes started like yours but I would get pressure in my head just before which would always wake me. I tried HRT dermal cream due to risks with Lupus but couldn't tolerate the leg pains it gave me. Tried most herbal remedies Canadian Health stores allow, nothing gave me relief. Memory loss from waking all night. Even lifting my arms over my shoulders would cause me to sweat. At work I would feel like I was going to faint prior a flash then I would remember, 'Oh it's just a hot flash.' All day, all night. I wish I had these suggestions when I was seeking support over the years on this site.... Never tried the cooling items though, I would freeze right after the flash so not really a option for me. It sounds so great though. I read in a women's health article about a certain med used for those who couldn't take HRT and was also used for nerve pain, and helped with sleep. I had stopped coffee and sugar and my sweats had calmed a lot but the sleep and chronic neck pain drove me nuts. Meditation, I think would help me but I get side tracked with my ADHD. Anyhow, the drug I take is Gabapentin, it's an anticonvulsant, and there are side effects that subside after a month or so. Like any med out there. I only got dizzy for a month then nothing. Not sure if you have it where you live but it has done wonders for my flashes and sleep. Ask your GP about it if your not getting relief with the herbal remedies.

(Putting the Sage essential oil in a spray has a lovely smell and calming effect just by spritzing yourself throughout the day has helped also.)

I wish you well with your next surgery and hope you can find something that will help with the flashes.


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svfarmer in reply to Roanna

Thankyou so much Roanna for your well wishes and advice, it’s good to know that some people have got through the hot flushes etc and I have read somewhere about Gabapentin - I’ve just invested in some sage tablets so will see if this helps at all first - sending big hugs to you 🤗💞

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Roanna in reply to svfarmer

SV, I started with sage tablets myself but after 6 months I tried the next herbal remedy. Give yourself at least 4 months to give it a chance. Good luck.🤗

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svfarmer in reply to Roanna


Hi svfarmer, thank goodness the watermelon has gone and no need of more treatment. You deserve that as your facing another bowel op. Im so sorry your going thru so much and now the menopause has hit suddenly. I hope you find some helpful treatment for it as those night sweats are horrible. I understand too about hrt worries. Has your gp surgery got a well woman clinic?. Might be worth going to them to talk thru all the different options when you've got your energy and strength back.

Do hope Mira and Bea are looking after you properly and you feel better soon. Keep safe and take care. Xx❤🤞❤🤞❤

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svfarmer in reply to misty14

I have 2 excellent furry nurses Misty, they do not leave my side and are such a comfort to me- we haven’t got a well woman clinic unfortunately - how is your foot now? Xx

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misty14 in reply to svfarmer

Oh svfarmer thats gorgeous and very special. No wonder dogs make very good therapy dogs and do amazing things for people.

Oh thats a pity too about not having a well woman clinic at your surgery. We're so lucky to have one at ours you just assume its the same for everybody!. Do you have a female gp?.

My foot is painful thanx for asking. Ive just been to podiatry who recommends a steroid injection and will work out who can do it. He's asking Rheumy but he could do it he said. Appt in a month and he'll have answer by then and see of new insoles have helped. Not really at the mo. Its just delaying help all the time!.

Hope you continue to recover well with your furry nurses. Thats really made me 😀 svfarmer. Take care. Xx

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svfarmer in reply to misty14

Oh I’m so sorry to hear your still having trouble with your foot and that you have to wait for an appointment , bet you’re really fed up with it all .

Yes I do have a lovely female GP, she was the one who referred me In the first place regarding abnormal bleeding and everything that has followed ie hysterectomy so yes your right she may be actually the right person to ask - thanks Misty so much for that advice- big hugs 🤗to you xxx

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misty14 in reply to svfarmer

Oh svfarmer thats brilliant you have a lovely female gp who started all this. She's definitely the one to ask re menopause treatment when you feel up to it!. Tbh i am really fed up with this foot as its so stopping my life because of the pain. The podiatrist did luckily rule out op site and said its something totally unconnected due to the ctd!. He came so close to doing the jab and then decided to delay which has got me down today!. Ive had just 2-3 weeks relief from this foot in 2.5 years. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. I need a furry nurse!. 😀.TAKE CARE svfarmer. Keep safe. Xx

So sorry you’re going through all this horrible stuff! And sending love. I sometimes overheat in bed and need to chuck off all the covers. I use an ice pack directly to wherever my body is overheating. Do you have those ones you shake to activate in the UK? It gets rid of my discomfort pretty quickly. (as opposed to a cold shower)🙂

Thankyou for your best wishes, no I’ve never heard of the ice packs like you have xx

I get these ones through chemists warehouses or eBay.,

Instant cold pack for bed side table emergencies.


I read your post and responses with much interest. What a great relief for you to have caught the cancerous bits just in time! I have over grown fibroids but they have grown so much around other bits that surgery is not an option. I feel very bloated and heavy...carrying a melon around on my belly. But I have to keep positive, eat healthy and hope for the best. I too tried sage product before for hot flushes but it interfered with my condition (Urticarial vasculitis/lupus) and I felt much worse. It is tricky to try herbal when we have these conditions as herbs can be very strong and immune boosting.I have heard Red Clover is very effective for hot flushes. Hope you find something that works for you. Wishing you a good recovery!!

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svfarmer in reply to Paprika60

Thankyou so much Paprika for your well wishes and also sorry to hear of your fibroids growing out of control and yes I know that bloated feeling oh so well and really do sympathise with you xx

Hi svfarmer,So happy you have been told the mass was cancer free, it must come as a huge relief to you.

I too had a full hysterectomy after gynaecology problems 8 years ago, although I never experienced the menopause. I am not complaining and my doctor says it can happen sometimes but is rare.

Best wishes ❤jx

Thankyou so much strawberrylips for your kind wishes x

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