Lupus and the flu

OMG! I feel awful! My co worker decided to come to work with the flu, and give it to everybody. Her claim was she could not stay home because she had rent to pay and had no more sick days. She pays rent to her daughter.

What does one do on the flu with lupus? My head hurts so bad, my neck, throat, even my teeth hurt. Wow. I am drinking anti inflammatory tea 2x a day, water. Just made a garlic soup. Helped, but everyday I wake up feeling worse.

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  • Are you on any medication for the lupus? Because I would think an anti-viral might be a good idea though it might be a bit late. And monitoring that it doesn't turn to pneumonia or anything nasty.

    There are good reasons for flu jabs - not just for the person with a chronic illness, their colleagues as well! They may not be 100% but they do help.

  • Not on medication. Low end, but on herbs, vitamins and anti inflammatory diet. I am just worried I will be sick a long time.

    And I have a clotting disorder, i dont want to be lying around for 10 days. Trying to figure something naturally for the headache, sinus pain and tooth pain. I am taking tons of vit c, but not feeling better. Only been 4 days. I was worried about pneumonia too.

    What kind of anti viral stuff?

  • Acyclovir or something of that sort. Sorry - I come from the vit C sceptic camp I'm afraid.

    If you have a clotting disorder - are you not on an anticoagulant? Or are you Natura for everything?

  • Ha ha.....yes. I went to an enzyme lecture, and found an enzyme that breaks down fibrin in the blood. Drs are starting to use for clotting disorders. My hematologist is ok with it. ...yes, all the vitamin c i take is not doing anything. Is Acyclovir a medicine? Just took an epsom salt bath. Helped. I have been drinking garlic soup...ugh...and ginger/turmeric tea.

    I dont know why i believe in natural so much. Just do.

  • There is a time and a place for traditional medicine, and acute illness is definitely one of those times. Flu isn't a something to mess with, I'm afraid - please see about an anti-viral

  • And above all when you have another chronic illness, especially the variety where the immune system is obviously not working the way it should do. My husband doesn't have such a disorder (I do) but he missed his flu jab a couple of years ago, got flu, spent over a week in bed (no choice, he was that bad) and then developed pneumonia which took nearly 6 months to clear up. He has dodgy lungs anyway - wasn't a good move!

  • Depending how long you have had it, the flu left after a week, but it was a week if he'll. I just slept through it. It is hard to do that, if one is not financially prepared. However, I place my health above everything, and believe that if I make sure it is good. Everything else falls in place. In. Other words, the lonely will come. But if one doesn't sacrifice in the short term, like staying home, you may save money but it will cost you in the long run.

  • Also, natural Vs not natural.. A mild cold is one thing but lupus and the flu??? No.. The same God that gave us natural medicine blessed us with Dr's who are coming up with faster methods. I think anytime one drags out the illness, depending on what is is, by just taking hot baths and things, the amount it stresses the body to be sick longer outweighs the benefit of natural. To me. .anyway.

  • Hi Natura

    That is awful to get the flu like that!. Hope you feel better soon by resting up as much as you can, helps your body fight it!. X

  • Thank you all for your caring responses. I am resting a lot. I did have to sleep up in a couch last night because there was just too much phlegm.

    Still feeling not great. I too, beccaboom, put my health above everything else. I will take another day off from work if I need too. I am still achy which could be part of the disease. I know my thyroid felt attacked by this the first day. But, I think I am doing ok. Will see how the week plays out.

    And I have company coming over for Thanksgiving. Ugh!

  • Doing very good today. Was a little shaky legged in the am, but went to work. My cold is very small now, and I am very happy!

  • Had a little relapse with not feeling well again on Wed. Rested. Better on Thanksgiving, but cold seems to be lingering around still with cough and some congestion. Doing ok though. Now my daughter is sick. Ugh! Stay healthy this winter everyone.

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