Flu jab

Hi all hope you're all coping well. Well went for flu jab today and the nurse made me laugh. Asked me why I was on my medication? I thought, you've got my file open and reading it ! Felt lke telling her I need it cause I got a cork stuck up me bum. Then she decides to stab me and leave me with a lovely sore arm. Evil b***h lol. Well let's hope no reaction to it. Will let you know. Night all xx


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6 Replies

  • Nurses and pharmacists every so often ask this question, it's a 'new' way of checking if you know the reason why your taking them. I queried this about my mums medication as she was on. Loads of pills and couldn't tell me why she just said the gp gave them to me, changing doctors she went from 10 tablets a day to just 3. Maybe she was just checking?

    Hope your arms feeling better :) x

  • Had flu jab yesterday - debated whether to or not as have had throaty virus for nearly two weeks. Feel dreadful this morning, massive headache, achy and bloody sore arm! Good combination for a day of budget writing! Just hoping it won't last long!

  • also a way of nowing they got theright person

  • lol, i have had similar experience several times. on an incident i went to A&E and i had alot of fluid retention the F1 doctor came to c me and he said how are they going to remove all this fluid lol! the most recent is a locum gp who i went to c for my sildenfil (viagra) prescription she asked me why i need the drug i showed her my fingers and told her i need for the dialation of blood vessels cos i ve SLE. she then asked me 'does it increase ur libido' i told her i am not sexually active and i really feel nothing.then she said ah dat some men will pay alot to get there hand on it. lol i hope this cheers u up. takecare dear


  • wj wjy nurses ask is silly got your medilcal records i nearly walked out questiong me do i realy need jab was my doctor said must have as on 2000 mg a day imune suppresant drugs so anoying just do your job niurse dont querry next ill say somthing lol

  • I know it can be irritating to have to answer lots of questions, but when it comes to our health, I think we should be prepared to answer any question that a clinician asks, if it's health related. It helps them to understand our condition more and to ensure that records are correct and above all give us quality healthcare. Just imagine if they didn't bother asking something and it turned out to be important. As we aren't clinicians, we don't always understand why they are asking. Also there are limited numbers of flu vaccines available and they don't want to over order and end up throwing it away as it does have to be stored carefully - so they need to be sure that it goes to the right people - like you - as there are a lot of people who might want it but aren't in the eligible group to have it free and so would be expected to pay for it. We wouldn't be happy if we got to the surgery and they said, "sorry we've run out" and they'd been injecting people who didn't need it. There are people who ask for flu jabs even though they don't really need them - I'm remembering the rush for Tamiflu antivirals during the swine flu outbreak. At that time there were lots of people who pretended to be ill to get a supply just in case they got ill in the future - sad but true. Just like when we get a bit of snow and the supermarket shelves are instantly cleared of bread and milk or when there's fuel shortages and the pumps run dry.

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