Sharp pain and numb face

Just another weird thing I haven't had before and it's happened three times in the last few weeks. I get a sharp pain in my face that feels like a lightning bolt (twice in tmj area and once under my tongue area). It's obviously a nerve pain. After the lightning bolt the area goes completely numb for anything up to 24 hours. It feels like I've had an anaesthetic at the dentist. When the feeling starts to come back the area burns like crazy.

Does anyone else get this and do you know what causes it or is it just another one of those weird lupus things?

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  • Hi 1985mum,

    Have you mentioned this symptom to your doctor? It may be best to get a referral to a neurologist to have it investigated?

  • Thanks Paul. I will be mentioning it at the next appointment. I just didn't know if it was a common thing others have or if there was a name or common reason for it.

  • Hi,

    I get this also but mine is a lightening bolt to my temples then followed by complete numbness in my face n neck. I don't get the burn after though. I've just always put it down to Lupus but I'm going to see my specialist next week so will mention it then and see what they say. Hope that this wears off soon for you, it's not very nice when you gets the bolts of pain xx

  • Thanks shellessx. I'm guessing it's something that might need to be investigated by neurology as Paul said. Judging by the amount of replies I haven't got😉it obviously isn't something that resonates as 'just a lupus thing'. I'll be interested to hear what your specialist says. My next appointment isn't until Feb.

  • I'll keep you posted x

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