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does anyone get sharp stabbing pains that take your breath away?

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Occasionally this happens to me. It's usually in the middle back area, but yesterday it was the waist area that got it. I was hoovering and had this pain and I had to go and sit down to get my breath back. My sides ached for a good half hour afterwards. Just wondered if anyone else has these symptons?

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I get severe, sharp pain - as if someone is really jabbing a pin in me - but not in the same place. It's most often my feet (soles or toes), occasionally my ribs, sometimes my head (which is scary, but it does go).

I don't know if this is the same as yours.... lupus is just a really weird disease!.

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I don’t have lupus but get these pains in back hands and ankles 👍

Hi,this has been happening to me for the past 5months. It stops you in your track and the pains jump around. The worst place is in my foot and ankle and my leg just gives under me. Also my buttock seems to get it a lot, the real definition of a pain in the butt!! It seems to be worse at night. I explained it to the docs as a lightning strike. Never got an explanation from them though.

Curious if more people have this. You are right Maggie, weird but sadly not wonderful.

Take care


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Hmm I also get these. Not always with the shortness of breath. Though I often get sharp pains in my abdomen, ribs and back that make me feel short of breath and its stops me in my tracks and I have to go and sit down til it passes. Very odd but guess I just accept it along with all the other symptoms. Take care xxx

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I've had stabbing pains in my ribs for years, it shoots down the left side of my chest and sometimes down my left arm too. Not sure if this is the same thing, but it always takes me by surprise and catches my breath away. I'm seeing my consultant soon so I'm planning to ask him about it. It feels like being stabbed with pins and I think it's nerve pain. I wonder if it is something that can be tested for?

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Hi, I have exactly this and have been told its costochondritis. Anti-inflamataries are supposed to help.

Hope this is useful, take care, Karen x

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thanks guys and gals.....glad to know that I am not alone in my spur of the moment jab attacks. Keep well xx

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Yes I get this. Starts in my kidney region and spreads around to my front and my whole nervous system goes into painfull spasms.

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Mine are usually in groin, knees, buttocks, thighs, elbows, feet....etc. Sharp, severe pain like a hot knitting needle being pulled through! As far as I know this is a common symptom of Lupus and at least it doesn't seem to leave any deformities like arthritis. Always look on the bright side of life! Ha!

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Hi,i get stabbing pains all the time ,head ,face ,neck,back,legs ,you name it ,all over,hurts like mad but then goes as quick as it came,i beleive its neurological pain ?can be a common symptom in autoimmune disease .take care ,brave

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Hi there,

I get that on a regular basis. With me my consultant organised a chest xray and the results showed a pleural effusion. This is where fluid builds up between the lung wall lining. If too large and uncomfortable then it can be drained.

Hope this info was useful.

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I get them a lot they stop me in my track but my doctor & spec do not seems to say anything about them when I tell them :(

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I'm glad nobody said getting old pains! Lol.

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I get this regularly. Usually in my back, chest, wrists, ankle, heels and occasionally head. I have always put it down to nerve damage. Very interesting that other lupies get it also. X

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Me too, mainly in upper right abdomen. Have had it intermittently for a few years.

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Yes I get that pain and ittakes my breath away like some thing crushing my insides I had gall bladder removed but still get same pain back nribs , I suffer with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis in hands feet and osteoporosis spine and now just been diagnosed with ground glass nodularity in lungs also have prinzmetal angina n copd ! I was wondering if there is a connection with any of these conditions ? Any answers pls got drs 2 moro ?

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