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Been here a while, reading and sympathizing

I had miscarriages in 97 & 98, they diagnosed me in 98. I was on baby aspirin & heperin shots 3x/day!! But lost my baby at 5 1/2 months! The first one was 6 weeks!! Then I had my rainbow baby 2 months early! July 5th 01!! The doctors said since I hadn't had 'issues' they just put me on baby aspirin! I had started feeling bad...then worse!! 👎👎 kept going downhill from there! I had strokes, seizures. But by the time we would get to was gone! I had swelling, body aches, and was so tired! First major noticeable stroke was 2008! At ball field. Fireman said get to ER but when we got there all signs were gone! I keep feeling bad! In January 2010, I was asked to take my break early. I said yes cuz I didn't feel right. I had my manager get me two full sized aspirin, I called my hubby and told him I felt like that day in ball field! We picked up my son and went to ER. They were abt to dismiss me, when hubby spoke up I had had these troubles before, the neurologist admitted me for more tests! I ended up having stroke in hospital! Plus mitral valve replacement, stage 3 kidney disease! And that's just the beginning of my troubles. Brain fog, visual disturbances, vertigo. Livido reticularus I had the heart surgery and ended up gettin pseudomonas infection in chest! 5 surgeries later and still healing! I am so depressed, I gained weight, and now more depressed! Ah but I did wake up today!! I am not on dyalisis. My kidneys take a hit with each surgery. But this last one it waa better

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I had to reply to your post. Your story made me stare at the screen and I still don't know what to write. I can only imagine the level of frustration, fear and sadness both you and your husband have experienced. I have miscarried and struggled to keep my last child, however, my health did not suffer to this level. Although doctors can not always get it right, we constantly are left frustrated as we have to trust, not only with our own health but also our children. Sometimes we are just not heard.

I wish you health and a brighter future.x


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