Best book to buy/read on SLE?

I was recently diagnosed and would now like to read more about SLE. Given that funds (or lack!) mean I can only afford to purchase one book on the subject I would be grateful for recommendations as to something easily readable but current and comprehensive. Looking on Amazon I see there is a wide variety of offerings, even selecting the 4* upwards rating; so would be great to be able to narrow down my choice somewhat. Many thanks.

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  • Hi

    Have you had one of our free information packs? It includes some great information written by leading clinical experts on lupus for people that are recently diagnosed. If you'd like one, please send me a private message or email with your name and address.

    We have a range of books available in from our shop at

    I would personally recommend our DVD with accompanying booklet, "So You've Got Lupus - A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed". It answers pretty much all the questions for somebody new to lupus.

    If you're looking for an all encompassing 'bible' of lupus, I'd recommend 'The Lupus Book' by Daniel J Wallace M.D. It is the book I always turn to when I get asked questions I don't have the answer to. I wouldn't recommend reading it from front to back because lupus is so varied that a good proportion of what is mentioned in the book, may never be relevant for you. It is a great book for reference whenever you have a new symptom or a question though.

    Best wishes,



  • Try asking your local library what books they have or could order for you.

  • Hi

    I have two books on Lupus. The first is very informative and an easy read is "Talking about Lupus" by Triona Holden

    and Dr Graham Hughes. Triona was a correspondent for the BBC and became ill with Lupus. The book discusses the

    symptoms disease and treatments from a sufferers point of view.

    The second is "The Lupus book." Written by Daniel J Wallace and is a far more in depth book that is so full of information it is more like a medical text book. It explains the disease at a far deeper level. Not such an easy read as the first book but could be considered as a bible for lupus sufferers.

    I purchased both books from the Lupus UK Shop.

    Hope this helps.


  • I have many books on lupus - The Lupus Book by Daniel J Wallace has been by far the most useful to me. I read a lot online too - although at the beginning I was scaring myself silly with that, now I'm getting better at putting things into perspective (I.e. Just because a statistic says there is a high likelihood for something bad to happen, it doesn't mean I'm going to get that).

  • I agree with the above. I also have The Lupus Book by Dr Wallace and it is an excellent book. It gives practical advice in addition to explaining how lupus affects every part of the body, types of medication, and symptoms.

  • Thanks to all for your advice. The Lupus Book sounds like the one to go for and I might also try the local library for other books - you never know!

  • I agree totally with Patti's comments - no need to pay for books, go to your library. In fact, most libraries are online now so you can order the books you want from the comfort of home. My library allows up to 12 books at a time - you take them out initially for 3 weeks, but then you can renew on line up to three times.

  • The Lupus book by Dr Daniel Wallace. It's an old book it's as relevant today as when he wrote it. It covers the many symptoms of Lupus.

  • Hi I must admit the best place I found for information on Lupus was the Lupus UK website and ordered the information from them there were so many differreing opinions in books that you can read and read until you are blue in the face and quite honestly end up rather confused but all the Lupus UK literature is factual and up to date some books in libraries have been sitting on shelves for years and have become slightly old fashioned in the opinions expressed in them. However having said that it is good to use your local services or more libraries will shut down good luck in finding helpful literature I hope that things become a little clearer for you but quite honestly spending time on here chatting to your fellow Lupies is a very good source of information as we are all experiencing the same thing in our own personal way and can try to help you through the tough times.

    All the best and hope that you find what you are looking for

    Madmagz x

  • I second what the others have said. Since SLE is a condition many medics know little about I feel it's important to educate myself with reliable information. The information from Lupus UK is fabulous. I have bought several of the books after getting a bunch from the library. I ordered mine from Lupus UK. ABout to sit down and watch the lupus dvd with my husband - Friday night rock n roll!

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