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Dental care - amazing article.. Ive been doing it ALL wrong...!! Essential reading..

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Hi all - just read this amazing article. If, like me, your teeth and mouth are not very happy due to your SLE, Sicca, Sjogrens or just anything.. this article was so good I just had to post it... you may have other advice/specific needs/products from your dental professionals but this is pretty damn revelatory - now, if I can just get my brain to retrain/remember what to do when....! Enjoy.

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Great article thanks DJ. I certainly never understood why people brush their teeth before rather than after breakfast until reading this. No.1 change for me. 😁

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Hey Twitchytoes - ah well that one came to me naturally as I always liked a clean mouth before my cuppa...! But I really had this hammered into me many years ago by Cardiology who explained the nasty bacteria in your mouth from overnight needs to be removed on waking and ingesting as it can really affect heart health, especially those with heart valve issues as I have. Anyway - glad the article is of interest - I have to say Ive always flossed after brushing... so thats been for 30yrs!

Thank you! Every since acquiring a new young dentist he’s given me all this guidance. I only wish I’d been taught it years ago and didn’t have a mother for whom the concept of tooth brushing was unknown to her until she married my dad. We rarely brushed as children and have the fillings to prove it.

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Hey Lupiknits - yes my father was the same! Hugely into health foods etc but for some reason thought brushing your teeth wasnt essential... perhaps he thought they were self cleaning as some people feel the hair is...whilst living in inner city areas ;). I remember having my first filling in my early teens right at the front which wasnt great, however I had worked out all on my own a few years earlier that brushing was required! Mind you, it wasnt until my dentist at the time (in my very early twenties) told me to start flossing that fillings stopped being required every visit! I remember being called Metal Mickey by one of my chaps in my late 20s... ;).

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Oh dear!

Look on the bright side: many people believe toilets are self cleaning 😱

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Hahahahah - yes, a knew a bloke like that! ;)

Some good advice & oh so important will leave more time before I eat & brush ahead of food...interesting how we are or are not

Thank you!

I too have had many problems with teeth since 20 years old.

Thanks for that, the only thing I do wrong is number 1, so will change that x

Just one word of caution I followed the no rinse advice and felt nauseous for a year before I was alerted to the fact that toothpaste allergy is not uncommon, rinsing after brushing got rid of the nausea

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thanks Margot - yes Ive ignored the dont rinse advice already... I noted a person had commented at the bottom of the article about it being bad for them/us... I think Ill stick with the rinsing as it feels wrong/icky not too and we all feel rough enough as it is! thanks

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