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Sore red fingertips

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Hi I've been diagnosed with SLE few days ago and from yesterday have painful and itching red fingertips, kept me awake all night. Is this part of Lupus symptoms?

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Hi Liz never come across it myself or seen problems here, have you used anything different which might irritate your skin, hope it settles down, steve

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Hi , I had that when I first got lupus it was my very first symptom and the reason I went to the doctor's. At the time I was working in a job handling cash all day and everyone at work thought I might be allergic to the money although one of the male managers said " that's the first time I've heard of a woman being allergic to money " . What symptoms did you have that resulted in your diagnosis ? for me it was the rash on my hands and then joint pains started , I was diagnosed very quickly as I had such a high level of ds DNA in my blood .

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Lizemari in reply to Buffy14

Hi I've had terrible pain and stiffness/weakness in my shoulders, neck, hands and knees for about 3 months before they finally got to the diagnosis of SLE. my ds DNA is very high too. I've just started having the sore fingertips and blisters on my hands this week so will go back to doctor and hear what she think, sounds like Raynauds :( all the best for you xx

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Hi Lizemari ,

Have you noticed anything in particular that may have triggered this symptom such as exposure to the cold?

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Hi lizemari,

I am experiencing this currently, finger tips feel very sore. I have raynauds and usually only experience this when out in the cold but now although i am in a very warm house its happening. Dont know if its the beginning of a flare or because i have a lung infection currently.

Keep an eye on it and see your doc if it persists. It may be u have undiagnosed raynauds.

All the best

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Yes, sounds like Raynauds. I've had it for about 5 years with my "APS" Antiphospholipid; another autoimmune issue. This year I was diagnosed with Lupus when a big flare attacked my lungs -- at the same time my Raynauds flared with pain like I've never felt before-- the red inflammation and finger swelling looked like the tips were going to split open. The good news, it is not life threatening. Never let your hands get cold -- I have a huge glove wardrobe. The other "trick" that's helped for me is that as soon as I feel the soreness start I soak my hand in hot water for about 5 minutes. It stops hurting for awhile and sometimes stops the flare.

I have this too despite the weather being okay. I was diagnosed with Raynauds secondary to my RA, now changed to Sjogrens with Small Fibre Neuropathy. I don't know what my itchy red fingertips are due to but I found Doublebase gel gave me some real relief. I am already wearing my gloves daily despite it not being that cold. If I find out what is causing mine I'll post but if you don't feel it is Raynauds then I did read that neuropathic itching can make the finger tips red and shiny. Try not to scrape them down stone walls for relief as I was doing a few weeks ago until I got the Doublebase cream!

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Hi today I am experiencing the same. Although I have small blisters on the end of my fingers. I even had to ask the lady on the tills to open the bags for me because finger tips are slippy and sore. I have recently been diagnosed with small nerve neuropathy and raynaurds.. I think I'm going threw what people call a flare up. Under a lot of stress at the moment. Can't sleep, the pain in my mouth( blisters) and pain in side of knee bone, don't know technical term and heartburn is horrendous. Back to rheumy on 17th of this month. Seems to me we all think we are struggling on our own until I read this site. Hope your fingers feel better soon,thank goodness we have predictive text. I'm looking at this though and wondering if that is the right term. Just another of my funny symptoms putting words in the wrong place lol ! Well at least we can sometimes have a laugh at that one !

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Lizemari in reply to LottieD

Haha yip that's a struggle!! hope you feel better soon too, I use prednisone which help a lot for the terrible pain in the knees :) and I've started having the blisters too from yesterday :( all the best for you, good to talk to people who's going through the same struggles xx

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Have you been to a specialist in lupus at the hospital x

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Lizemari in reply to Buffy14

Have seen rhematologist but not since this problem started 😊 next appointment in 4 weeks. Hope you are doing better xx

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