my fingertips swell up and can go very red and hot.last Thurs at work had shockin g pain in middle finger when I looked a vein had popped up on mid and top joint on back of hand since then been had discolouration in nails purple/black just above cuticles,fingertips very sensitive and throb with pains in fingers.anybody any ideas as to what this is please?

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  • I have experienced that 2. A few times now bt on my feet n toe nails. It hurts so sowmuch that sometimes i feel it would hurt less if i ripped all my nails out.

    Sadly tho, i have no idea, what it is or why it happens x

  • I do get pains in toes too.not the discolouring though x

  • When the fingertips seem to turn purple and tingle especially at the fingertips it might be raynauds it can sometimes affect the toes too i dont have this but i sort of no about it. Maybe its that just a thought though.

  • THANX METOYOU. I will look into that then.

    Have a good eve x

  • No colour is in nails and I have already looked at raynauds and fingers go white/blue and cold mine are red and hot but thanks for reply x

  • Raynauds often is a cycle of colouring which can be different between individuals: yes, it's usually white when really cold with blood flow restricted, then blue, then red and burning throbbing when warming up again with blood flow coming back. But, not everyone with raynauds gets all those colours. My version does the white/blue/red in my feet, but in my hands & head it's mostly white and red. My white stage isn't quite the same as my husband's (his whole finger looks totally drained of colour, but he doesn't get any blue, and only a bit of red). There is a very good forum on healthunlocked: raynauds & scleroderma assoc forum: check it out, full of good people, but maybe you've been there lready

    My burning red prob has improved a wee bit since going on plaquenil 400mg almost 2 yrs ago. A rheumy thought i had erythromelalgia simultaneous with raynuds and first tried nifedipine for the raynauds but that made the erythromelalgia worse and also all my SLE related symptoms especially the red burning throbbing . Now my rheumy wants me to think of my red burning throbbing as if it's a bit like hormonal hot flushes, but she admits it can also be a sign of looming vasculitis, especially as I do get bleeds in my tissues (first a really burning throbbing sore area, say in hand or foot, bright red, then a dark purple blue like a burst vein inside the area staying sore and stiff for ome time etc. my rheumy says all this is ok so long as everything "keeps changing": meaning no coloration etc stays exactly the same for say 24 hrs....if that happens talk to gp and/or rheumy etc.

    Maybe all that is useful to you: hope so. I've been trying to manage this sort of thing most of my life but in the last say 6 years it has become a lot more of a daily prob, but I am 59 (going on 80: typical Lupus, LOL)

    Take care

    Ps the raynauds & scleroderma assoc has also got a really good website: includes good archives with info on erythromelalgia which is rare but characterised by red burning etc

  • Try barn clown I have been on Raynaud site but must've missed some info out as I couldn't connect it with what was happening to me.I also get tiny little blisters on finger joints on finhgers is this related to Raynaud's and was that the NHS. Website ty x

  • Am not sure about those little blisters: do you mean like little blood blisters? Or are these blisters full of clear fluid?

    Yes I am being treated by the NHS

    The raynauds & scleroderma forum is a healthunlocked forum: go to top of this page, click on communities and at bottom of panel they offer: browse other communities

    The raynauds & scleroderma association website will come up if you google it: this is where there is archival info. look out for erythromelalgia there too, probably in 'associated conditions'

    But really I would feel your gp and/or rheumy will want to look at your symptoms. Maybe you've taken photos of these symptoms already to how your drs, butvif you haven't probably a good idea to do so

    Take care and good luck

  • Blisters are clear went to doctors as thought it was dermatitis but he said part of autoimmune did take picture of red blisters under my tongue?

  • It's hard to say what it is, sounds very painful though. I had pain in the fingertips too. Kind of a burning pain, also sensitivity to heat (e.g. warm water). AFter a while I got a mini bruise in one of my fingers which looked like a broken/clogged vein. My doctor said that this is likely to be due to vasculitis and gave me some extra anti-inflammatory. SInce the the finger is always blueish and cold, i guess due to the messed up vessel the circulation is nont good in there anymore... :/

  • Yes mine are sensitive to heat and also veins popping up in fingers recently I asked pharmacist opinion and she told me to see my doctor not urgently but soon and he was suppose to phone me(doctor) on Friday but never did x

  • Letslaugh, hi, are you saying you get oral blisters full of blood? I do too (on tongue, on inside wall of cheeks etc). I took photos too. NHS oral surgeon & my dermy thought it was angina bullosa haemorrhagica, but that was before they realised I had SLE...

    Take care

  • I went yo doctors with what I call punched mouth syndrome at first I thought I had cold sore starting on lip was putting zovirax on it but it wasn't I noticed had thin line tiny red blister inside my lip never bothered me for ages got up 1morn felt like I'd been punched on mouth and nose didn't feel right went to docs and he noticed red blisters under my tongue and tookpic of them I think he put on my records for rhuemy.that was 14th last month.I still get punched mouth syn and still have blisters under tongue.I have had blood blisters on inside of cheeks before like a lot of symptoms I'm getting now but this 1st time had them altogether.

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