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Hey guys, hope all well. New to the group. I suffer from lupus sle for past 21 years. My meds are steroids and plaquenil. I was never taken off steroids and now my body relies on them. My fingers on my hands are deformed due to the arthritic side of lupus. I am constantly told I have "complicated" lupus. What??? No consultant gets me or my lupus and I'm tired of fighting for myself all the time. I feel like I'm falling apart. I was just wondering if anyone has ever attended London lupus centre and if so did anyone see Dr D'Cruz? Is he a good consultant? I have decided to go and I'm due to see Dr D' Cruz. I am a bit anxious. I really hope he can help..

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  • Hi Carbar, I'm a patient Louise Coote lupus centre, Guys hospital Ldn & under care of Dr D'Cruz. Sometimes when he is busy, I may see another

    Rheumy but they're all trained. The nurses are great & have worked there for yrs so they understand Lupus. To be in their care & not have to repeat my medical history everytime is a blessing. I keep a record/list of my symptoms otherwise I forget in consultation. Hope this helps & all goes well for you x PS. You may be there for hrs after your appt time depending on your current health (blood tests & results, weigh-in, consultation)

  • Hi magSle

    Thank you so much for your response this helps a lot. Good to know I may be there for a while but that's ok. Glad to hear you don't have to repeat yourself everytime. Thanks for the tip regarding list / record of my symptoms. I do suffer from foggy brain so this is a must for me. Will let you know how I go.

  • Hi Carbar, I have recently been to the lupus centre and met Dr D'Cruz, he was brilliant, he immediately recognised my issues and help me by sorting out all my usual medications. Main thing being, he Listend, which helped me lots. He really is very good at his job, he explains everything in simple terms so you can understand whats been said. Make sure you write down all your quires beforehand so you don't forget. :-)

    Take care.

  • Hi addai

    So great to hear you find Dr D'Cruz good. I am delighted to hear you found him brilliant. I am years trying to find the right Dr who will listen to me and see me as a lupus patient. All I need is the right help. May I ask addai with your consultation did Dr D'Cruz also carry out test on the same day?? like what magSle advised I will also write down my queries. Thank you so much for your reply. It has helped me a lot 😊

  • Hi I see Dr D Cruz, after seeing a number of other drs he is very good. He listens, to him every piece of your history is important. He puts things together and I was referred to collegues in the same hospital, neuro, cardio, with no problems and there was a good exchange of information. He also knows prof Hughes (Hughes syndrome). All staff are helpful. Also the tube station is just opposite. Good luck.

  • Due to major works in that area, Traffic on detour to Guys so start out early in order to get there in time.

  • Hi denden

    Thanks for the tip. Really good to know that. Gosh I really will have an early start now. Thanks denden.

  • Hi johare

    Thank you so much for your response. Replies I have received are amazing. everyone has so many good things to say about Dr D'Cruz which is nice to hear. After reading the comments it will certainly make me less nervous about meeting him, actually I am now excited to meet him and staff at the hospital. Finally I may have found someone who cares.

    Will have all my history, questions and queries written out. Thanks again.

  • Please say hi to him for us (wink)

  • Will do, will let you know how I get on. fingers crossed!!!

  • Hi Carbar, yes he will do bloods and urine as well as anything else that may help him. Any important letters from your previous consultants that may help him to get to know you and your history. Good luck. :-)

  • Thanks addai, will try and gather as much info as possible. Will let you know how I get on 😊

  • Your welcome. Good luck.

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