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Feeling overwhelmed and anxious with a constant lump in my throat.

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Morning all. I hope you're having a happy Saturday!

I have posted before, but I try not to bother others as I feel that I have so much wrong with me at the moment that it's quite overwhelming. Today, however, I have decided to reach out as I've had a very bad week and could use a kind word of encouragement please.

I have been diagnosed as having rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, suspected lupus and sjogrens (for which I'm awaiting a lip biopsy) and I'm also hypothyroid. I haven't been able to work since April and haven't driven either, as the fatigue is just totally overwhelming.

After having some severe rashes, my rheumatologist prescribed steroids (dexamethasone) which have caused me to put on lots of weight. I also take hydroxychloroquine. He decided 3 weeks ago that he wanted me to gradually withdraw the steroids in order to give me a flare, so that he could then do further tests.

Whilst I was unhappy with the unwanted side-effects of the steroids, I now have much more pain. My lower back and hips hurt so much that I can hardly walk or stand for long enough to prepare a meal. I also have this constant feeling that I have a blockage in my throat. This has caused me to start feeling anxious and panicky. I often feel detached and extremely light-headed and become scared that I will black out. The constant fatigue, even after a decent nights sleep, makes me feel "other worldly" and this causes anxiety too. I can deal with pain much better than I can handle not feeling in control of my head.

I apologise if this has been rather long, but if anybody can relate to any of it and could offer a word of support, I would be very grateful.

Wishing you all a happy day, Jasmine.

6 Replies
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I understand that completely

I had the same when all this started to happen to me also.

I find exercise helps a lot have you tried yoga 🧘‍♀️?

Sounds silly I know but it’s something you can control and I guarantee it will make you feel so much better.

Stress and anxiety will make you feel worse

Exercise and relaxing will make you feel better then you do now.

Remember to reach out there are a lot of kind people on here who have been where you are now who take time to Liston and talk your not alone try and ground yourself with this and honestly try the yoga or exercise that works for you xx

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Jasmine22 in reply to Buckley123

Thank you for your kind words and I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this nightmare too.

My son sent me a yoga plan just yesterday, so I will be starting it very soon. It’s so difficult for us when we don’t know which condition is actually causing which symptoms.

Thank you again xx

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Buckley123 in reply to Jasmine22

No worries one step at a time be kind to yourself none of this is easy xx

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Hi Jasmine, I can't add too much more to the wise words of Buckley. Focus on yourself and relaxing techniques. The symptoms you describe are real and frightening, I can sympathise with a great many of them. I find I get overwhelmed with the symptoms, suffering from them and not really have a clear path 'out'. Stretching, yoga, or for me a gentle walk with the dog, a swim or time out in the garden - all of which widen the world and calm the mind. I know it doesn't make the symptoms go away, but it seems to help focus the mind.

Hoping you find support soon xx

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Jasmine22 in reply to Apricot100

Hi. Thank you for that. It all feels like being stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment, as I’m sure you’re familiar with. I guess it’s just about taking tiny steps to try and rebuild confidence and strength.

I hope you’re having a good weekend, Jasmine xx

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Hi there friend. I feel your pain and anxiety and am sorry you are experiencing this. Sending you healing hugs and prayers. I’ve been there. I get panicky when I can’t swallow from lump and have to calm myself. It’s the Sjögrens or Reynauds causing it. I have found that healing my gut with probiotics helps. I had same pain and my dr sent me to physical therapy. My hip pain is gone but still have some sciatica pain. Have to continue exercising. Hard, but it helps. Very sore upon waking in morning and difficult to get out of bed. Take care!!! 🤗

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