Irritated bladder and constant need to wee

It's driving me crazy!!!!! Started fluoxetine 2 weeks ago, also antibiotics started at same time for an abscess. Finished antibiotics after 7 days, 3 days later my bladder irritation started, literally needing a wee every ten minutes, and feel need for wee straight away. Thought it may be thrush ( after antibiotics ), so took a tablet for thrush on Sunday and had sachets for cystitis. It's now Tuesday and no improvement. Saw GP this morning, he did dip test, no sign of infection. Could this be the fluoxetine or part of lupus?


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12 Replies

  • Hi Rach5

    I have suffered with interstitial Cystitis for about 16 years which started around the time I was first diagnosed with UCTD with bladder pain on and off sometimes with an infection and sometimes not, bladder pain is horrible but about five years ago I was put on Fluoxatine after I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and after a couple of weeks of taking it I developed the worse bladder pain I have ever experienced. I had no infection and the pain got worse and worse, I stopped the fluoxetine for other reasons and the bladder pain subsided, I didn't put the two together until a couple of years later when I came across a post about fluoxetine and bladder pain and discovered that many others were getting this side effect from this drug. I've coped with the dreaded bladder pain for many years and I have to say that that episode was by far the worse bladder pain I've ever experienced, I could barely leave the bathroom, I barely walk it hurt so much and the only way I could ease the pain was to lie on my bed with a pillow under my bum and my legs up the wall, it ruined a lovely weekend away that my girls had planned for me so I'll never forget it 😞

    Have a look on the patient information leaflet to see if it's a listed side effect and have a word with your GP again if it continues.

    I really hope you feel better soon and the pain eases off.


  • Thankyou Diane. I asked him if could be fluoxetine and he said no. I'm round the twist here


    This is the website to Emc this is where doctors/pharmacists get their info, it's also where the patient info leaflets are from, this page shows the side effects for fluoxetine and dysuria (painful urination) and frequent urination can be a side effect, maybe it will pass with time as your body gets use to it but if it goes on and you can't cope with the pain and discomfort you need to tell him and show him this page, he obviously didn't check out the side effects thoroughly, frequent urination is classed under 'common' undesirable effects and this was updated in July so I think your GP needs to update himself! did he send the test off to the lab even though nothing showed on the dipstix?

    Sometimes we need to help GPs by pointing things out to them, he may not have had any patients with this side effect which is why he said no!

    Saying all this of course it may not be the drug but it just sounds so familiar to me.

    I hope this helps a little.


  • No he didn't send sample off to lab. Thanks for advice xx

  • You're welcome , Good luck with it, I hope it settles down really soon.


  • That is v helpful as I did not know about that. I have been on fluoxetine but on something else for 2 Years unfortunately I get mine still 😥

  • Could be your fluid intake is too low...some drugs require plenty of fluid, especially antibiotics. It may sound a bit too much, but I drink at least 8oz every time I take pills and 16oz with antibiotics. Hope this helps (I also put a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar in 8oz water or tea every...taste is refreshing)

  • My friend said something interesting today, that anxietycan affect your bladder, her daughter suffers from this. My anxiety is high at moment ( it's why I started fluoxetine ), so I'm trying to distract myself and relax. Doing pelvic floor exercises, see if it helps

  • 👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣

    Hi Rach5;

    I have somewhat of the same issue but, mine is from the medications I take. I have little or no warning. When I feel like I have to pee it hits and hurts I have only a minute or two to go or it will start dribbling out own its own. Yes, it can get embarrassing, and I am a guy!

    I have Lupus (SLE), pulmonary issues, and malignant hypertension. So with all the medications I take for these issues, some of the medications make me have to Pee often sometimes 10 minutes apart.

    Hope you get better and wishing you the best!


  • Hope they can help u with the side effects being a male it can't b too easy as not many men talk about it and surely they have something to help u

  • I have part of my lupus is my bladder does not empty fully all the time n I have throw away use once catheters With lupus it can go to any part of ur body n start playing around with it Unfortunately I had to go to the uti route for that I think at this point I'm nearly in ev part of the hospital and if the Drs in cases would only well one, read our notes and 2- talk to each other

  • I know my bladder never empties fully, that showed when I had ultrasound 4 years ago before hysterectomy

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