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Breathlessness and constant need to wee when lying down


Hi folks,

This last week I am struggling with breathlessness and and a constant need to wee. It’s particularly bad when I lie down. I rely on naps and good long nights of sleep to manage my fatigue so it’s a pain.

Should I be more concerned though? I see my rheumi in a fortnight but maybe I should call the GP.

I have never had any heart of lung problems but with (still undiagnosed but seems most likely) possible Lupus are there things I should watch out for?

I must say I do have bad anxiety so I’m inclined to put it down to that. It’s never presented this way before though, not in the 20 years since diagnosis. And when I’m lying down I’m not feeling anxious.

Any thoughts welcome. Getting a GP appointment is a major undertaking.

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Amy I have no answer Dvorak you but I have the same issues so would be interested in and respond you get

Check if your pulse is regular when this is happening. Atrial fibrillation is an "irregularly irregular" heart beat. It can come in episodes, often when lying down, and causes increased need to wee, during episodes. Hope it is not this.

More information here:

AmyG6500 in reply to baba

Ok, can I do this with my fingers on my wrist?

baba in reply to AmyG6500

Yes. If it is AF your pulse will be irregular.

AmyG6500 in reply to baba

Ok, it was better last night than it has been. Next time it happens I’ll see if I can detect an irregularity. 😳

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