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Newly diagnosed lupus sle


I'm 27 newly diagnosis wiv lupus sle after having a baby 8 weeks ago. It's been a struggle I've never been in so much pain I was told for weeks that it was just water resistant but I was not getting any better finally a doctor realised wat it could be and within days i had an appointment wiv a specialist but after being put on steroids it seem to easy the pain now they r takin me off them slowly and put me on hydroxy chloroquine.

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Hi sarahjane

Welcome to the lupus community, hope you'll have a lot of benefit from joining!. That's really tough being diagnosed so soon after having a baby!. Glad your getting the right treatment and reducing the steroids slowly. Your poor bod must be in turmoil, hormones racing!. Hope the Hydroxy works and your not having to come off a high dose of steroids. Keep posting and take care. X

Good that you are responding well to treatment. Have you asked Lupus UK for an information pack.


I hope u respond well to hydroxychloroquine and feel much better. I know how hard it is looking after little ones when u feel so bad! I have a 3 yr old and 7 month old, I'm 37 and have been unwell since age 21 x

Hello I too got his illnes 9 months ago after having my first child, just thought the fatigue and aches were my body gettin back to normal but when my vision started to go funny and I was bruising easily they found I had SLE &ITP. Ive been on hydroxycloriquine for 7 months which has helped and I also nowon methotrexate and so far I think they may be working! If being a new Mam wasn't hard enough to having this illness that no one sees just makes things a little harder. This forum has helped me loads to understand if how I feel is related to the illness and majority of the time it is. I'd say just give it a go and try be as open with those around you, we here understand if others down so never feel alone 👍🏻 x

Hello and welcome to the forum. I hope that the hydroxychloroquine will work well for you; it does take a few months though. Good wishes and I hope that your new baby is doing well :)


Hi Sarahjane27,

I'm sorry to hear that you have been struggling with pain at a time when you must already be exhausted! I'm glad that the steroids seem to have helped a bit and hopefully you will find the hydroxychloroquine helpful too. If you need any more information about lupus and LUPUS UK, we have a free pack which you can request or download from our website at

Hi i am 19 years old this year, Last february, i found out that i am pregnant, so i've got stress and really depressed that's why it triggered my lupus and then i was diagnosed last april of SLE, got 3 flare ups when i was pregnant, my medications are hydroxychloroquine 200mg, prednisone 20mg, azathioprine 50mg, calcium carbonate, vitamin b1,b6,b12, folic acid, and metropolol. My baby boy died at my womb it was 7 months, his last check up found out that he has no heartbeat, few days before that i got blisters on my left face with pain and fever, the doctor said it was herpes zoster (shingles) so i was at labor room having pain on my left face and having pain (lost of the baby) and having pain (inducing labor). And now it's been a month, im taking therapy, i have 4 sessions left hope will finally get better. Im on 5mg prednisone, azathioprine and hydroxychloroquine now.

Hope you will respond well with the medications

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