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My saga goes on... and on

Had tlephone consultation with GP who tells me CT scan showed all organs good. Patches of diverticulitis in lower bowel and gastro wants US of cyst on ovary. I had one that was not doing anything but couldnt work out if it is that one grown a little, or a separate one. No time to process and quiz. Also wanted a blood test which turns out to be enzyme test. Can show ovarian cancer, but other things too, including cysts, and diverticulitis which they said I have. Had blood test, no sign of US apt yet. All in all need more info. Coeliac not mentioned but continuing Gluten Free giving me much relief from bloating and stomach discomfort.

Only wanted ansers to ? I have, not more things. Panicking not just yet all so jumbled. Sorry guys, the saga, still goes on!


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Even if not coeliac the removal of hard durum wheat products will amke a big difference to many people. It does me!

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