Saga update: Brand new practice. New GP. I've only got ten minutes...

But, lasted 25. Very good first impression. Wont throw my knickers in the air just yet but very promising.

I asked for, copy of lastest Hospital blood tests. Gladly!

Showed her Thyroid panel bought privately. Looked. No comment.

Asked her to write me letter of support for sedation re gut biopsy 20th ? Coeliacs. Told her bullied into no sedation last time. Bewildered, but did it!

Made double apt for next Monday re referral to eye clinic re deteriorating sight left eye, no time.

Bit patronising telling me about iron levels ordered from " head office" to "store" to " warehouse" despite my saying macrocytes n stuff like that. Still, it was a clear explanation of low ferritin.

Poo poohed B12 and PA. but had explanation. And said

" I treat the patient not numbers" referring to not driven by mere blood results. Pick me off the floor. And is open to giving me "two or three" injections of B12. Hm

Least of my problems flaring Lupus at moment, would you believe. SS killing me!!😡😡

All in all. Got a lot out of her. Made sense. Listened and gave replies! Novel for me that.

So. Wondering about changing Surgery? Do it. You may be pleasantly surprised, but as I say, not jumping up and down yet.

I am posting this on various sites so ignore if you are multiple like wot I am.

Big relief.

Thanks for your continued support everyone. I hope that is the end of my SAGA as far as being heard and acted upon.

You are not alone.

It can be done.

Love to you all


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  • Good one - glad to hear you aren't all fur coat and no nickers then. Bit parky for that!


  • Yay Footy - result!! TX

  • 👏👏👏👏GOOD GOING footy 😆😆😆😆

    Got my fingers & toes crossed for you

    🍀😘🍀😘 coco

  • Cheers gurus!

    Feels good!


  • Hi Footygirl

    Think you've scored again with new GP and practice!. Very pleased for you. Good luck for eye appointment on Minday with her and your gut biopsy on the 20 th. Keep us posted. X⚽️

  • Excellent Footy!

    I did the same five months ago and changed practice along with my husb. We are both delighted with the new place and wished we had moved three years ago when our old treasured GP retired.

    I would encourage everyone to do that if things reach zero progress and there are alternatives to go to.

    Good luck with your tests. X

  • Spot on!

  • Sounds like you did well. Hope it continues x

  • Thanks everyone. Your comments mean a lot


  • Just catching up footygirl good luck for Monday we'll be thinking of you keep us posted xxx

  • Sorry for late reply, I'm a bit behind reading everything!

    Just wanted to say that I used to think my old surgery were ok but had some issues with them a few times with gp saying things like "it doesn't say you have lupus..." (my letters only say uctd)

    We moved in April and had to change surgery and I was really worried because I'd been with my surgery over 20 years so was convinced they were normal and ok etc - better the devil you know, and all that.

    However, my new surgery can't do enough for me! Where I used to get GP'S saying "it doesn't say you even have lupus..." ( I only have uctd confirmed on letters) and used to have to psych myself up to do battle to get steroids for a flare or even tramadol for pain, I've now got tramadol on repeat with all other Meds, and just have to phone if I need steroids. My new gp takes my illness very seriously and can't do enough for me. And my husband who's a diabetic with a few other health issues feels the same way.

    So I agree, if anyone's feeling less than happy with their current surgery it's def worth considering a change even though it seems stressful at first it could end up being the best thing you ever did!

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