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Down goes Lee-Anne

This weekend I took another tumble down the stairs ops

When I was telling my friends about it and trying to last it off one of them pointed out that this happened to me a lot!

At least 4 quite scary falls i.e. from the top to the bottom of the stairs

luckily no broken bones but have felt sore for a few days after is this something I need to bring up to my Rheumatologist?

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Hi Lee-Anne ....I am finding that I am very unsteady and unbalanced and cant trust myself to walk across a room without hurting myself. I am learning to SLOW down. I mean real slow. I had to climb 4 staircases to the top of a concert hall yesterday and took my sweet time with everyone running by me. Don't care...Not going to trip going up the stairs (that has happened my whole life) and not going to run out of breath. It is very hard for me because I am a quick walker and such. Try to retrain yourself. I bet you move quickly all the time. I also was moving quickly at my last job and ran right into a window trying to race and catch a phone call. Luckily my hand protected my face from hitting the glass. I think its that foggy brain thing that makes us unsure of how to move our bodies the right way. Thank God my husband doesn't have this. He uses dangerous carpentry tools everyday. Be careful and hope this sharing helps.


I think you right perhaps I need to take time and slow down my damn self lol!

It’s always apparent in my mind that I have a never ending to do list and a small window of time to get them done in the day.

Deep down I know that I shouldn’t feel guilty but I do.


And what tends to suffer is my concentration as I am always thinking about tor planning the next task or I've simply go into never land in my head.

O actually hit the back of some ones car last month thinking about I don’t know what luckily there was no serious damage but I am always catching myself on the sides of walls or doors because I’m not paying attention


Tai chi is very good for your balance


Ok that sounds interesting i will defiantly look into it


My balance improved almost over night when started on hydroxychloroquine


I've been on hydroxychloroquine for some time now bti i am glad its working fro your


Stairs are the bane of my life - I alway go top to bottom & in Feb fractured my thoracic spine & fell again while it was mending. Its got to the point I have panic attack if im out and have to negotiate steps/stairs (i crawl up & come down on my bottom at home now - figure its safer). Dont get me wrong, i randomly fall on flat surfaces on at least a daily basis.

My gp laughed at me for saying I want to move into a bungalow & said Im more than 20y too young to even be thinking that way!!!

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I am sorry to hear that you are having such problems, I was looking at one of those chair lift things on the TV and my friend was like “Lee-Anne you are 30!” lol!

I have tried going down the stairs on my bum when I am with my 4 year old nephew we make a game our if it and have a laugh. I must look like a right nutter when I am going to answer the door as they can see me through the glass lol


Have you tried going down stairs backwards? With hopefully a hand rail. Tai chi works on your inner equilibrium and breathing. I it can be very gentle, although its also the basis of martial art. Hence the emphasis on balance. I've found it very helpful for keeping supple and planning movement when I'm seized up with RA. It's best to find a teacher who can take you at your best pace. I did a few 1:1 sessions before joining a group.


No but I will defiantly give it a go. I tried Yoga but I did that in a class and felt like I was the most rubbish on there. The teacher and other students said I did ok so perhaps it was my insecurities


I just laugh when i get mixed up and my teacher thinks that's very profound! After all the Chinese tool 3,000 years to develop it!


I am sorry it didn't work for you like me, wishing you all the best x


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