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Saga update PIP application

Guess what folks?

First PIP payment due yesterday. Didnt arrive. Phoned up. Asked ten, yes 10 times for account number.

Get this. Girl was going to listen to every phone call my husband, as carer, had with them! Why?

If it is their fault, resolvd quickly, if our fault takes longer. You tell me what on earth the difference is! I aint got my money -pay me!

The system is bonkers. After all the stress, wonderful assessor and good outcome, deflated to say the leadt.

BEWARE be careful giving your details, you are dealing with imbeciles. I have had same account for years, never changed banks. You would think typing a number, same as before, with one digit difference would seem odd, I mean same everything, might check that πŸ’‘. Nope!

Speechless, ha ha


Have a great weekend folks




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Hi Footygirl, reads that your recent experience with PIP "customer service advisors" was frustrating. These people really know how to drag it out, instead of offering advice, they give us more stress which has a negative impact on our health then wonder why we can't go back to work so they can cut funding. I suggest that you get advice from Citizens Advice Bureau, your local Lupus Support Group or Disability Rights Action. Hope you get the support you're entitled to ASAP so you don't feel overwhelmed & negative.

I don't claim PIP & haven't tried to as I've heard so many negative stories about the claiming process.

Stay focused! Stay positive! x


Thanks magSLE

For your care and support. Do not need it! Yes trying to keep chins up.


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Oh footygirl,

You have had a trying time, I hope you get it sorted out soon.

Wishing you lots of luck πŸ€ πŸ€ πŸ€ πŸ€ πŸ€


Ugh, yes, this. The turnaround rate at the DWP for the PIP and DLA is extremely high because it's such a rubbish system - essentially two different benefits which perform the exact same function but now require two different ways of operating, all using computer systems which don't communicate with each other, and a revolving door of people because they're dispirited and keep quitting....it's NOT fun.

If you get mucked about, I strongly recommend not even speaking with the gatekeepers; get a manager. The manager's job is, of course, to tell you that it's all your fault in the first place, but very quietly behind the scenes, I find things get resolved very quickly. What they say to you, and what they actually DO, can be two different things. I've had the full runaround with my son's benefit before and I've run the gamut of the system. There is a final tier above manager where you can make a complaint, and I've had to do that once. I don't know who the new person is for that, but the last one was a very good gent who was also very stressed due to the change in system, and he ended up quitting shortly after I interacted with him.

Don't let them muck you around. It's your money, you're entitled to it, and figuring out who to blame isn't the DWPs job - getting you paid IS. Good luck!


What is PIP?

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It took over from Disability Living Allowance. It is a government benefit for disabled people. Personal Independent Payment. It is a false change, simply to cut people out in my opinion. New name clears out obligation of previous award. That is, without asking I was suddenly awarded indefinate status which meant no more assessments to qualify. However then it was announced too many on indefinate so new process to happen.

They think we are daft and dont see their tricks.

Sorry long answer

Have to answer trick questions and undergo assessment. All very stressful.

Then you get answer. Then they dont pay you!


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They would not answer phone Friday. It rang ten times then went to engaged all day. Thats three more days.

Rang them today. Nothing they can do.

Called back. I asked for Β£100 interim for food.

We dont do that

I said on bottom of award letter, it states twice


I think that squarely puts the ball in their court. Their responsibility.

Not a case of whos fault but where fault

I said thats internal, give me my money

Cant do that but will mark it urgent.

Asked for supervisor

We dont have supervisors here


Its nothing to do with me if they put money in wrong account. But I am paying with few pounds left.

Thanks for your support



Hi footygirl

How frustrating.you would think it was advisors own money she was giving away.you should have asked to speak with supervisor.you shouldn't have to deal with this and your illness.stress makes you feel worse and there people don't get it.a simple mistake reguardless who is at fault. They can trace where payment went cancel it if wrong acc. And meanwhile set up correct details and start payment cycle.I must say any time I 've phoned the advisors have sorted out my very simple queries but they r very monotonous and sound bored/disinterested.hope you get things sorted if not your local mp or councillor might b able to help.our mp got my tax credits sorted out in a morning after me trying for 16 weeks this was payment problem too.good luck


I agree simple answers for simple questions. Nice, helpful. But they speak as robots, no flexibility, no room for common sense if we had name on a watch list for fraudsters, well ok. But I am not very well and the stress of this is making things worse.

I told her two more conditions diagnosed since assessment and being investigated for Coeliacs meaning expensive gluten free. Nothing they can do. One idiot recommended applying for Council loan. I wont dignify that...

Tomorrow will be five days overdue. I have written to my local councillor and my local MP. I feel better for doing that, so thanks for your tip, though I doubt it will make any difference.

Thanks for your support

Going down fighting



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