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Stress and Brain Fog

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone else suffers from a serious case of brain fog or as I call it brain attack. The past week I have been feeling like a totally different person. I am forgetful all the time, I have seen people, talked to them and I cannot remember a things about it. I also feel distant, stressed, keep crying for no reason and I am angry at everything. I don't know how to deal with any of this at all! I have been physically quite ill this week so I am guessing this is related!

Any suggestions would be great!

Love Cass

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Hey. Sounds very familiar! I get this when I'm flaring. Keep your chin up and look to the brighter days which will soon be back. Don't know what medicine you are on but once your symptoms are controled a bit more this will ease up. Feeling like that this week, tapering down in prednisilone. Big hugs. Be kind to yourself and rest as much as you can.

Jo xx


Thanks hunni! I was starting to think I was loosing my mind a bit. It is something I will be bringing up at my Rheummy appointment next week because I am not functioning properly but I am in the midst of a particularity bad flare up. Thanks for the hugs and here are some back xx


It's all part of having lupus. So hard to stay positive when you feel so bad and have that horrible brain fog and feel so low, brighter days just round the corner. ;) lots of love.

Jo x


Hi cass

You are totally not alone. I have what I now "fondly" call "brain fart moments". I totally forget what i am saying, doing anything related to my brain just goes out the window. I find it is worse when I feel rubbish - which hey is alot lol. My family and friends have become so used to it and me looking confused that they all tend to


Sorry stupid phone submitted before i finished lol. My friends and family are so used to it now they just reply when i look confused "brain fart then yeah". They tell me not to worry about it - I have come to terms that it is the lupus and not much i can do, but sometimes i could scream especially if i have forgotten something important. I have started leaving myself notes, sticking post it notes on stuff, marking calendars and setting alarms and reminders on my phone. might sound daft but it does help at bit. hope i helped in some way.

Lupie hugs

esky xx

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Hi.. glad you raised this.....Yes really bad memory problems (opps forgot the question already lol). A few weeks ago I had a flare that could only be described as 'being in my brain' as I could not think clearly at all, could not hold a thought/forgot words when I smoke, had headaches etc etc. Also just before I take my methotrexate it comes back again ......I am too going to mention it at the GP's next week and know my rheumy wanted to monitor it. Don't know whether it's the lupus or the methotrexate. It's a horrible feeling .....not able to think/retain your head is just one big ball of cotton wool. Good question. I seem to be getting it more lately too.


sounds familiar...

Ive been trying to go for little walks, but later barely recall my walk...

Or in the bathroom..hmm did I brush my teeth...

its concentration part for me...


I said to my GP it's like having altzhimers but knowing you have it !


Hi Cass you have my sympathy. I have suffered this for years

I can't see unless I have missed it that you have Hughes syndrome too.

it goes with lupus as well sometimes.

I think the best way to explain it, is for you and others is to look at the Hughes syndrome on the healthunlocked site.

Their is treatment that can help, doesn't make things perfect but worth having.

You might not have been automatically tested for it so please see the site,

Hope this helps


Yes this was one big problem for me. It seems to be the main/only symptom that has improved with hydroxychloroquine. I also take low dose citalopram to ease the anxiety associated with it. I still get moments when I forget what I was about to do or say. I called my son by my brother's name recently. It sounds trivial but it is not something I have not done before and I don't see my brother very often so it upset me. Trying to rest as much as possible seems to help.


Having a chuckle at all these posts. Brain fog seems to be part of daily life, I can swear I didn't do or say something then I'm shown a text to show I have. Few nights ago hubby put kettle on and came into living room. I said that kettle doesn't sound right sure you filled it up. He went to investigate to find froth and bubbles pouring out of the spout all over the worktop. Honestly I don't remember putting double concentrate fairy liquid in the kettle iinstead of washing up bowl! Maybe it's because I've a new job which means I'm up at 4:30am and having to study intensely too as have 5 weeks to learn it all before an exam in 12 days. Mentally exhausted is say, and being a lupus and transplant patient doesnt help. Also started forgetting my 11am immune suppression which will have no good ending. :0/


I work taking care of people that are forgetful scares me when I get forgetful about little things I hate what they call brainfog the smallest things at time can slip your mind. I take vitiams don't know if they really help but I guess can not hurt. I write things down just so I don't forget. a lot of people that have lupus have this problem were never alone.


Wow everyone thank you so much for the support!!! It seems like this is a subject that is lesser known, I have tried to find out as much as I can online but I have had little luck!

Yesterday I rang my mum a telephone number I can say in my sleep and ended up dialing a completely different number! I also keep forgetting what I should be doing and even wearing!

Love cass xx


'Brain fart moment' now going into my lexicon: what a perfect description! And I did laugh at the kettle filled with fairy liquid! They never mentioned this as a symptom, and in some ways it's the one I hate most. Hang on in there, everyone! Jo


It's like thinking through treacle just to get to the porrage, and having a paddle around that to get to your thoughts

last week I filled my car up with petrol only to be mortified to forget my pin.

I forget where I have put things,birthdays, keys, shopping can be found all around the house never where it should be, I have found tights in the fridge and apples in the bathroom, I peel veg and find I have a pan full boiling peelings and veg in the bin, pans on the stove buring away with nothing in them.II have tried frying with oven cleaner instead of the one cal spray and wondering why it was so rubbish.

Hugs and best wishes to each and every one.

sorry if repeat this again it will be because I have forgotton i have already done it.



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