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My saga goes on


PIP due 12 days late. No explanation, no apology. Fingers crossed for Tuesday.

Had wheelchair assessment for lighter chair. Took 3/4 hour, very pleasant, new chair delivered next week!😀

Given up on Pilocarpine prescription. Getting nowhere. Disappointed.

Man Roy Inf sent apt for Occupational Therapy for help with gadgets and supports for arms as pain increasing. May hear when I can go on Fibromyalgia management course.

Not heard anything yet on CT from last week... Good thing?

Keeping to Gluten free diet doing wonders for my digestive system and so much less bloating. Awaiting feedback as above.

Thanks for your good wishes



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Apart from the Ps (PIP and pilocarpine) that all sounds fairly good. Explanation from the benefits lot? In your dreams...

It's wheat I can't do - not gluten. Working that one out does make diet a lot easier. Especially bread - other grains are fine, just not hard wheat as in UK bread and pasta. Gluten-free pasta is OK, my husband can't tell the difference as long as you very slightly undercook it - overcook it by even hlaf a minute and it is just mush! Gluten-free bread? Don't even go there!!!!!!!!


Thanks so much. Daft expecting anything from them.

Interesting about the wheat. Im just doing the gluten for now as it is making a difference. Have to wait for review of CT to see if Im on the right track. So far so good.

Pleasant surprise getting a new chair so easily! Man Roy Inf coming through with OT great help.

Take care PMRpro



I have to eat a gluten free diet because of coeliac disease. Wheather it is stand alone or part of the bigger autoimmune picture I don't know. Gluten free products have greatly improved over the last couple of years. Much more choice out there. I find that Tesco's own gluten free bread, (the one like an ordinary loaf, not the two halves packed separately), is really nice. However I don't like the pasta. Find it too heavy. The frozen fish fingers, pizza and chicken nuggets are also great. Wouldn't know they are gluten free. If you want a treat the digestives and triple chocolate cookies are great. So are the ice cream cones, chocolate stix and profiteroles that can be found in the freezers. As for the gluten free pretzels by Schar they are fantastic. Can get them in Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and Morrisons.

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Footy I think, on balance, there is more good news than bad. The new chair sounds like it's going to be a huge bonus! X

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