So we talk about the joys of summer v lupus. Covering up whilst others are in the sun, looking purple due to sun factor 50 , wearing silly hats( I have big ears) , the heat, swelling oh the swelling, but Gnats! This year I have battled with ankle swelling due to heat and poor drainage, also my reactions to allergens have got worse. An example; I react to shell fish and Damon yesterday vomiting and the runs due to "fish fingers". But gnats have got worse. I react each time, becoming watery and weeping. When bitten on the swollen ankle it turn into the beginning of an ulcer despite antibiotics. My husband bought what I can only describe as napalm in a spray. Still didn't work.

Anyone else finding gnats a problem.

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  • Oh Jo

    Sounds awful. Poor you. Haven't been bitten this year yet.

    I'll let you know, watch this space!

    Also about time we had a coffee don't you think?


  • Definitely, didn't know how you were fixed for the summer holidays?

  • I have taken vitamin B1 purchased from Holland and Barrett. I used to have bad bites but not for the last 2 years. Worth a try although they take a while to get in your system. I start taking them about February. Good luck


  • Thank you, I would try anything. We moved recently, surrender by a golf course and gnats. I am bitten all the time.

  • I constantly get bitten and have really bad reactions. I itch all over especially my scalp, my eyes get blurry and watery and kind of funky, I feel ill also. It's like I have a systemic reaction, I can't go out into my garden anymore. I even get friends to take the rubbish out for me.

    I'm becoming a hermit because of them. I would move to another gnat free country if it was possible.

    While in India I managed to get some citronella thick gel that I use especially on my neck...that's where they like most on me, and it has helped. I've heard Avon skin so soft works too...but I'm allergic to most creams. I feel for you. It's terrible. I've tried drinking ACV, taking garlic, B vitamins, everything I can think of and nothing has worked so,far.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you, I understand how you feel. Its not just being bitten, I itch all over and feel unwell when I have been bitten. Thank you for your suggestions.

  • I swell up with sun and get sick with headache

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