Does hot weather make your lupus worse? Even though it is inside a room?

I know that lupus is sensitive to sun, but I want to know whether the hot temperature make you worse too. I work near a heat press and lately I realized that everytime I went near that for a long time I got very tired. Even though it is not associated with Ultra Violet, but the machine cause a very hot temperature in a room. I want to know if you have the same experience with me.

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  • Yes! No doubt about it. My lupus is triggered by heat, light...either/or & both together 😉

    🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

  • Thanks for the reply. I think my trigger is heat too. Can't stand in a hot room

  • Yes, I'm really intolerant of heat and uv. I have a very narrow 'operating' range, outside of which my body goes into melt down!

  • Thanks for the reply. Just realized that it is not only the sun too. So hard when I live in a country that is very hot

  • Strip lights can cause a problem, but you can get uv filters for them. My pc at work is low resolution but high contrast to reduce uv exposure. I use fans a lot to keep my rooms cool during hot weather.

  • Heat is a huge factor for me, makes me so tired and nauseous. Leaves me extremely weak and completely useless, I just lay there retching until I cool down. We even went to the extreme of having air con fitted in the bedroom as the heat makes me that bad.

  • I know that some people with MS wear cooling vest and cooling scalves around their neck because they can be very heat intolerant. I wonder if that sort of thing would help you?

  • Thanks for the advice maybe I will try to look for that. My country doesnt have winter so its kind of hard to find clothes like that.

  • Yes very much so as soon as the sun starts to shine and its warm i start to feel very lethargic ,i have to organize my life around the weather .😥

  • Yeah defiantly. heat makes me feel really sick to point of where I have to sickness pills to just use public transport on hot sunny days.

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