Arrived safely Thursday night felt the heat as soon as I stepped off the plane .

The airport was an experience , we were being rushed through the checking in bag bit where you go through metal detectors and I left my phone in my pocket . So I got searched . My luck ain't it first time I go to an airport I get searched . Will not make that mistake on the way home .

It was 44 degrees Friday and 40 Saturday . I stayed in the air con room mostly yesterday . On Friday I was in the sun and swimming pool . I must say I am burnt . I made the silly mistake of doing aqua gym in the pool with my cousin . I've learnt my lesson . It caught me there the sun . As when I was laying down I had my tshirt on and off all day to try and avoid it but I didn't . So the tops of my arms and chest are very red especially the top of my right arm. Does anyone have any tips or know how long it could last !


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20 Replies

  • Hello Lou. Lovely to hear from you. Wow - hot temperatures out there. Factor 50+ all the way please and you must re-apply after the pool. A white t-shirt offers only about SPF 5 and if it gets wet, it's less. And sit under the umbrella by the pool and in the shade for lunch etc. I really hope you don't get a flare. Cover up! But enjoy your holiday!!! It's so well deserved. xx

  • Thanks . I have got sunburn and hurts when I wear tight clothing so I've been in the air con room today and yesterday with a white t shirt on . Is there anything you can recommend to put on it ? To get rid of it . At the moment I'm feeling Pretty good health wise .

    I've been sleeping alright . And not felt overly tired . It's just the sun burn x

  • Hi loulamb

    What an experience your having on holiday. Learning a lot and hopefully having a good time too. As to sunburn you can buy aftersun lotion as it will cool it down and you'll be more comfortable. Take careX

  • It sure is an experience . I wasn't prepared for the take off that was a feeling going up and up and up 😂

  • Good to hear that. I use Aloe Vera gel or after sun with aloe vera gel in it. If you put it in the fridge and apply it, it feels so refreshing and cooling. But not sure if you'll be able to get that out there though. Otherwise, tons of moisturiser. xx

  • I messaged my Aunty back at home and she said try and get some e45 cream . If not just apply your sun tan lotion as that will help x

  • Hi LouLamb the Spanish use chamomile tea when nothing else is available. You need to buy the tea bags, make the tea and let it completely cool. I have used it myself and find it very soothing. In Spanish chamomile tea is called Té de Manzanilla. You will be able to buy it in most local shops. xxx

  • Thanks x

  • The tea sounds a good idea, as does any after sun lotion. I'm sure there will be the lotion available: Brits abroad often need it. If all else fails, and you can get it, good old calamine lotion isn't pretty but helps.

    Other than that, I'm glad you are having a break away, and air conditioning x

  • Thank you ! The night time is when I come out . 😂

  • Just stumbled across this post. Agree with Wendy39, Aloe Vera gel is the way to go. Aloe Vera is native to Lanzarote, and widely available. Most shops sell aloe products. Look for pure 100% aloe Vera gel. Enjoy the heatwave! Cooling down a little this week, though still 28c high uv.

  • Thanks

  • Lots of cold water should help take the sting out. And no more sun! You are also in the right place for aloevera. But be careful if you have any broken blisters.

    You've hit the Calima - happens about 3 times a year in the Canaries. The Sahara burps and sends extra hot air where it shouldn't be ;-)

  • Try to get some Aloe Vera after sun cream & keep applying it.

    Drink plenty of water.

    Cool showers any burn you need to take the temperature down....but just pat yourself dry..don't rub...friction = heat remember!

    Bet you won't get sunburnt again!

    Hope you can enjoy the rest of your holiday!


  • Oh Dear...My sun induced Lupus rash began last May. In JUly it was getting worse so I went to the DR. I had all kinds of tests and found my ANA was 1:1280.then met with a Reumy..DX'd Lupus.. .Prednisone and Hydrox.... were prescribed....I'd say my rash is almost gone....No more sun for me...and I was out in the sun and surf when ever it was warm enough...I hope the same doesn't happen with your sun burn/rash xx

  • Seems so unfair.

    All you want is a lovely carefree holiday.. seems to me that autoimmune sensitivity,never gives us day off!!


    I had the misfortune of getting a sunburnt patch, on my chest, when I was in Egypt. I was in a fairly shady area, chatting to my sister, propped myself up side on. That flipping Sun, got into my bikini top, and burnt the top of my breast! Yikes! It hurt that evening, as cool breeze came out.

    My sister, lays, outstretched, full day, Sun. I feel afraid for her. Does she burn? NO! Does she suffer with autoimmune issues? No.

    Anyway, I tried, cucumber, tomatoes (local staff advised), after Sun, all to no avail. Sun abroad is so much stronger than UK Sun.

    So, we went to the chemist, and I got immediate relief, using the product advised. The pharmacist sold me a tube of cream especially for burns. Ah.... comforting...

    Nowadays, I just dream of getting on a plane and heading to the Sun abroad. I wish! I really wish....

    one day, Lou, I hope to be as brave as you!

    Have a brilliant time! X

  • Thank you x

  • Hi Lou lamb

    Happy hols wished for you.. aloe Vera is the best to use for sun burn.. get the pure stuff.. wow those temperatures are fierce.. factor 50 sun hat and don't forget to re-apply after the pool! Sounds like your having lots of fun.. 😊

  • I brought some aleo Vera today x

  • Pop it in the fridge first - bliss x

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