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Unexplainable stomach discomfort

4weeks ago I started having discomfort in my tummy. It is not a sharp pain, it feels like every thing in my tummy are twisting and turning. It can start at anytime. I can wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep becos of the twisting and turning. At first I thought that I could manage it with a bowel of cold water melon and fat free yogurt. It does help sometimes when I feel sharp sorelike sensation. Called my gp and she prescribed buscopan. My pharmacy was unable to deliver it that same day. I was unable to handle the discomfort while waiting for my prescription, so I asked my mum to give me cold bottle of Guinness. I took it immediately, my mum prayed for me a I dosed off. The next day I woke up better but immediately I took a bite of my breakfast, the pain started again. When I got the buscopan it did help and I had to have morning and night. I went into hospital a week later for a flolan infusion. I told my consultant about it but because I also had other challenges with a flare up I ignored it . While I was in hospital I did have the pain I just had heartburn. My ward mates also had issues with their tommy, I meet a 26yr old lady that had to use stoma bag for the past 6years and she also has pancreatitis. I also met a 32year old lady (17weeks pregnant) with pancreatitis and she has been told that she may need to start using a stoma bag after the birth of her child. I got worried that telling the drs about my tommy might keep me in the hospital longer. I already spent 12days having an infusion and having to change my cannula every 2day. This is bcos the location of the cannula starts getting swollen and painful. I had difficult veins too, I had to alternate between my arms and when no veins could be found in my arm , the had to put on my leg and that was agonizing.

I was also worried of missing my post op appointment with my orthopaedic surgeon. I missed the first 4week post op appointment because I was having an Infusion in Manchester hospital while my orthopaedic care is in Salford royal. I needed to see my surgeons and let him examine me and tell him that my knees and ankles are more painful and starts getting swollen once I start walking.

Yesterday I had my smother in the morning for breakfast, got home about 12noon and had something to eat. Immediately I had my first bite my tommy started the twist and turn. I had some water and gave it time to settle. At supper I had mixed vegetables with salmon by the time I was done it started again. I took my buscopan, had watermelon with yogurt, few leafs of lettuce and half avocado. My mum got me two hot water bottles I placed on my tommy and gradually slept off. As I write this post I am uncomfortable but am just drinking water and getting up to wee. I have had my morphine liquids.

I am going to the hospital this morning for a blood test and I have decided to drop a note for my consultant to tell him about my stomach upset. Pls I will like to know the chances of also having stomach pain in addition to all the other parts of my body lupus has affected. I know this is a very long post but I will appreciate any feedback. Thank you and God bless.


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ever thought of asking the doc for worm pills? that is the last thing drs think of, but your symptoms sound like it.


Thats true i have not thought of that. I will ask my gp. Thank u


I have IBS (irritable bowel - and stomach) symptoms, which may be what you are experiencing. I use both Buscopan and also Mebeverine as I need them. If your GP is satisfied that this is most likely IBS, then also try Mebeverine. The trick for me, with both, is to take them a little before a meal. You might also want to ask your GP about the FODMAPs diet and/or self-refer to your local dietetics service. FODMAPs (which is based around reducing foods that are the most fermentable) is now recognised by the NHS as being key to helping IBS in many people. I attach a hyperlink to NHS Choices re IBS and the diet; however it is important that you get professional assistance for you to get the best out of trying it, should you choose to do so i.e. an NHS dietician.


Thank you for the link. I think my problem may be irregular eating time or having long gaps between meals. I have fruit smothiee for breakfast and smtimes i have my lunch by 3 or 4pm and my supper are freash fruits or vegitables like lettuce.

Thank u again and God bless


Thank you. I hope things improve for you :)


I have IBS but also have multiple adhesions in my bowel which causes partial and full obstruction and extreme pain. If you've had abdominal surgeries this could be a cause. Adhesions can't be seen by x-ray. Mine were only discovered during emergency surgery for a full on obstruction.


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