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Morning jaw/ ear pain

Hello! This morning I woke up and yawned. Once my mouth was fully opened a jolt of pain shot up my jaw to somewhere behind it. It felt like it was by my ear. At first I thought it was athletes ear because me and my little sister swam in our pool together the day before and she did get diagnosed with athletes ear. But I felt no pain when I pulled on my ear, no pain when inside my ear, and no fluids had come out of my ear like my little sister had experienced. I concluded that I didn't think it was swimmers ear. When I opened my ear slowly it was a mild pain. When I yawned or opened my mouth quickly, it was a significant amount of pain. Now, about 15 minutes later, it doesn't hurt at all to open my jaw. What is going on?

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I have had that quite a few times. Even went to have an ultrasound on my salivary glands because the doctor thought they may be blocked. Doesnt happen too often now that Ive been diagnosed with lupus and sjogrens and getting treatment but let me just say when it did happen I would drop to my knees from the pain. Its horrid. Hope you dont experience it again


I get this excruciating jaw and ear pain too! Had it for at least 4 years. I usually get an attack if I'm eating and suddenly start laughing. Usually on one side, sometimes both. I've not mentioned it to docs, thought it was a weird thing I only had! When it's very bad I do worry in case I get lockjaw! Second thoughts....maybe I should mention it at my next rheumy appointment! Hope you get your jaw and ear pain resolved poppop911. X


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