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Relative Newcomer

Hi guys, I was finally diagnosed with SLE last June after finally becoming UV sensitive and my GP eventually referred me to Dermatology Professor. The very nice gentleman knew straightaway that was wrong but still took copious amounts of blood and a skin biopsy. I was put onto prednisolone and a double base gel to help my skin. I saw him again the following month to have it confirmed it was Lupus and it appeared to have been lurking within for a long time. After a very long but extremely helpful consultation we went over all and any issues I had suffered over the previous 24 months and to cut a long story short I have various issues relating to Lupus. As a lot of your posts show the biggest problem with GP's is that whenever you go with something new or different it is blamed on the Lupus. Luckily I have found a GP at my local surgery who is very helpful and interested in this condition. I am now off the Prednisolone, but on Quinneric (excuse the spelling if it is wrong) B12 injections every 12 weeks and in the main doing not bad.

I have already learnt a lot reading these posts they are humorous and helpful please keep it up and I hope to contribute to the discussions. xx

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I assume you're getting B12 injections because your B levels are low. I had the same problem and for many years I took B complex and had B12 injections. 2 years ago I moved to SC and my new internist ran a DNA test and found a defect in the MTHFR gene. Have you been tested for that gene mutation?


Not aware I have had that test I will raise it next time thanks for the info.


Warm fuzzies from the Snoopy cartoon!

Lovely contribution 👏🏼👏🏼

Stay well(ish) !




Thanks I love Snoopyxx

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