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I haven't been diagnosed with Lupus, although I have several of the symptoms. But when they test me for it it never shows positive. My old Rheumatologist‎ use to say I have some type of Immune disorder just couldn't ever figure out which one so i stop going to him. But on August 10th I had surgery on my right shoulder due from a car accident. I didn't have this skin sensitivity till after this surgery. It's very painful unable to wear anything with sleeves due to the severe pain from anything touching the skin.

I'm a 63 yr old female from the USA. With a lot of health issues an survivor of cancer 4 times over from cervic, uterus, stomach, breast cancer. I have Fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Scoliosis, both knees total knee replacements, two cervical fusions from c3-c7, lumbar L9-T2 partially ruptured, vascular problems in my legs, severe water retention in my legs, difficulty swallowing, hair thinning, i've had over 36 surgeries since my birth, i was born with stomach issues.

I think that basically covers my issues.

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  • Oh gosh what a lot of worry and health troubles you have had ,sending you very best wishes and hope that your sensitivity dissipates soon, take care of your self and try if you can and have not done so get some advice from a functional medicine Dr or Naturopath Big Hugs for a full pain free recovery :(

  • Thank you Jlat :)

  • Good gosh. I am so sorry. They nustncall you the Enigizer Bunny.

    I will think of you as this. All I can think of is nerve damage when doing surgery with time it will heal. At least I pray!

    Best wishes and kreep you upper most in my prayers

  • HI Vasuna1, Love the nickname that put a smile on this aching body. Thank you for the prayers we can all use them daily.

  • What an amazing body you have! You've had a lot of problems but you beaten a lot of problems, too! Few people can claim the victories over cancer and some other problems like you have done. Still, I'm sorry that you have this frustrating pain with your skin. It does sound like neuropathy could be the problem. Possibly you could get relief if you see a neurologist and get gabapentin or a similar drug prescribed. I think it's worth a try. What have you got to lose?

  • Hi SueSz, I do have neuropathy but not in my arms an this happen right after surgery on my shoulder. I really think the Dr cut a nerve!

    I've tried gabapentin an I'm unable to take it due to side effect. I have a SCS for my neuropathy in my feet an legs an it is amazing. I was in a wheel chair prior cause I couldn't walk due to the pain in my feet.

  • One more thing SueSz I want to thank you for the compliment of my amazing body. With God all things are possible, He has healed me so many times from the cancer and I was partially paralyzed when I was 19 from Scoliosis, the Dr. did xrays an said I needed the surgery well the church prayed an anointed me all weekend. Following Monday went back for more test but when he say the new xrays he said if he hadn't done the original ones he would swear they messed up but I wasn't paralyzed an my scoliosis was better an I didn't need the surgery. I still have mild scoliosis.

    God is good to all. hugs

  • Yes, God is great, isn't he? I'm so glad you have so many good results. But it's too bad you can't tolerate the gabapentin. There are other drugs that may help, have you tried them? And I agree that a nerve may have been cut or nicked. Your symptoms seem to indicate that. What does SCS stand for?

  • I've tried so many different medications with no results I'm so sensitive to so many medications. My PC just had me retested on some of the medications again mostly antibiotics cause I'm allergic to all of them, well seems my allergy to Penicillin isn't so bad anymore so I can take it, when I have surgery the Dr.'s always give me antibiotics but with remedy to counter act the reaction I have. I'm allergic to several pain medications too, Lortab, Percocet, morphine, Aspirin, Nsaids. I can't take the gel pill Opana or any pill that is due to my Gastroparesis. it's a stomach disorder makes the stomach slow down digestion process.

    SCS stands for Spinal Cord Stimulator.

    Thanks for listening


  • Wow! Your body is allergic to so many things! How great that your Dr. gives you a remedy to counteract an expected allergic reaction. I'm not sure too many Drs. would think about and be willing to do that. And thank God your SCS works for you. Too bad it doesn't work higher up where your shoulder is affected. You have a lot to put up with and you don't complain. I can somewhat understand because I have so many disorders and diseases myself. Complaining doesn't help, but accepting and having a good attitude does. Trusting in the Lord and accepting whatever he chooses to heal and whatever he allows to stay within us is very peaceful. There's always so much to be grateful for, isn't there?

    Hugs right back at you!

  • SueSz, Yeah my body turns against me or tries to in so many ways, but being a fighter I don't let anyone thing get me down an if it does for not to long.

    Yeah i found complaining doesn't help much I complain to God an ask him to help me through each day with my aches an pains.

    I've got some new things going on I think maybe related to another issue one of my Dr.s thinks I have but never would show up on the blood test. But it doesn't always show up on the test even with all the symptoms. It runs in my family so who really knows.

    Trusting in God is the only thing we can count on. For he is so good to us, an so many people don't even realize it. People want it when they want it, But God gives it to us when he knows we really need or can handle it whatever it might be.


  • You are so right about what you said about God! :0) I hope the new problem gets resolved for your sake.

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