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Reluctant GP sneaky move. Covering his back?

Hi. More on the saga of my battle with reluctant senior GP.

Right. I have autoimmune Hepatitis and have an annual check up. This is due July. I usually attend my local hospital OP.

I have been complaining of gastric problems since Feb. Ii had to force him to send me for gastroscopy. But though nothing found, food still not moving from oesophagus.

Coincidentially a girl calling herself Liver specialist Nurse rang me about a blood test. I told her of my problems, which may have to do with Liver and she said we now have an Immunologist and aN Heptologist. Blew me away. 21st century at last.

Fed up with refusal of GP to ref me for another test to see how my oesophagus is working, as Gastroscopy was clear, I went on Thursday to see a BUPA GP on their new pay as you go scheme. Worth it. She wrote a letter to gastro man for today as I thought Liver nurse had me have a cancellation.

Right. Turned out to be usual GI doc who looks after Liver. So I gave him, I call him Charisma, the letter thinking the BUPA doc had found summat exciting.

Charisma says, But this is just a ref to me. It is a duplicate of the referral your GP(reluctant) has sent. (So nothing suspected phew)

Gobsmacked. SO. Useless GP got me rushed NHS appointment specifically GASTRO apt for my symptoms after blanking me when I asked if there was another investigation to be done to find out why food log jammed in throat!

SO liver apt not brought forward. Still for July.

Have I confused you all?

Point being after just gorping at me and basically saying nothing else could be done for this lack of appetite and log jam, I have had since Feb, Useless thinks better of it, obviously, and sends off for a referral to see GI doc to get him to organise a barium swallow to check how oesophagus is or isnt moving.


Exactly what I wanted in Feb!

So having untangled all the string. Getting what I asked for, at last.

Still to see my Lupus Prof Wednesday in Manchester, getting excited! Will tell all asap after, though I have a cup final to watch that evening so hoping for a power nap between.

Slowly coming together. WHY has it to be so hard?

just goes to show. To cover his back, GP ref me to GI man without telling me, and in a hurry too. 3weeks 4 days after blanking me in surgery.

Fully expecting all this to come down to Lupus aberration or Sjorgrens dryness or neuropathy. Such slow progress but progress after all.

Hope this helps anyone nagging GP for action to know you can get what you want, eventually.

Be back after Lupus Prof appointment, hoping to be down to be tested like mad and to have my suspicions confirmed re the other three or four conditions I believe I have.

Done a Barnclown, ta Guru, read, prepped, amassed all my paperwork and ready for action.

See you on the other side of that and Cup Final. Up the Might Reds!

Much love all


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HOORAY 🌟⚽️🌟⚽️🌟⚽️🌟⚽️🌟⚽️

Am OVER THE 🌛 For you 🚀🎉🍾🍰👏👏👏👏👏

And yes: AGREED: as our misty says: 'we have to be fit to be ill'

Wishing you 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

Please let us know how things go

😉😘😆 coco


Wow wee that sounds EXHAUSTING! Well done on persevering. Glad you got some direction - sort of.

GP's haven't been great for me over the years. I'm only making progress now since I've found someone who is keen to check a history of symptoms vs the common anxiety diagnosis.

It brings you down having to fight that little bit harder but it has to be done when your quality of life seems to fluctuate so much - you know your own body.. Guess you have to trust it.

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Well done gold star for sheer perseverance! Can't wait to read about your lupus doctor experience before or after the footy! Be sure to make them do the work for you rather than feeding it all to them as I tend to do! Best of luck. X

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Hi Footygirl

Well done for persevering and now getting what you need. Good luck for Rheumy Prof, can't wait for next instalment!.

The ref won't be blowing the final whistle on you for a long time to come!. At a girl!.

Good luckX👌🏻🌟😊⚽️


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