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I haven't written anything in a while.. after working 9 years with my company i have bite the bullet applied for a job elsewhere and was offered it the same day. I have noe received my offer via email with 5 attachments. I am scared as there is an online health questionaire that i need to complete. The page diesn't allow you to skip ahead to view the questions however i really don't want to be asked to answer questions relating to my health in case i shoot myself in the foot. I don't see why they are doing it this way. I cannot financially carry on with my present company can you imagine working you get paid and all your wages are gone in the 1st week!! So this is why i have decided to leave amongst other things but now i am worried

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  • Hi avionne,

    If you have received an offer for your new job then you should be legally protected against discrimination on the grounds of disability providing you tell your employer about your condition. We have a section in our booklet ,'I Want to Work - A self help guide for people with lupus' called 'Whom should I tell that I have lupus and when', you may want to read it. You can view and download digital copies at or if you would like physical copies posted to you, please send me a private message or email with your name and address.

  • Hi paul

    Funnily enough i printed that guide yesterday. At my interview i didn't bring up my illness,  i just hope the online questionaire doesn't ask-in the past year how many sickness have you had? Because then i am stumbed.

    My present company got rid of our OHA in january so i don't have her as my sort of blanket of protection to vouch 😞😟

  • Hi paul

    Since i have been diagnosed in 2013 i have not received out company sickness bones which is each year in june. Our policy is if you have less than 3 days sick you get £100 bonus each year. Am i being discrimated against fir having this illness as it's impossible to not get sick

  • Hi avionne,

    This could potentially be considered a case of discrimination. I have found a fairly similar case online which was ruled to be discriminatory -

    I would recommend that if you want further advice about this you speak to somebody at your local Citizen's Advice Bureau who may have more experience and resources available if you wish to take any action.

  • Hi paul so last week i tell my boss he needs to contact payroll as i've been treated less favourably because of my lupus towards sickness bonus i also told him it may be grounds for discrimation. Today i received my payslip and nada.. .. this shows he has not done so.. my soon to be new employers have now phoned so i can hand my 4 weeks notice in ... i am fuming with my present company so i called acas and told them they are in agreement with you. The acas advisor has advised me to include in my resignation letter this as well

  • I'm sorry to hear that your boss didn't take up the issue with payroll. I hope that you have better luck with your new employers.

  • Thank you paul.. i thought as much o'm trying to tie up all loose ends before i start my new job

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