Lost my job

Hi all don't post much here but lost my job yesterday ,the consultant told me he would get me fit for work ,but it wasn't quick enough for the national company I work for ,my ex manager has said he will take me back ,but of courses that depends on wheather he hasn't been moved somewhere else ,had a bad night so of course I am flat on my back on sofa today :-(

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  • So sorry to hear that. How do you feel about it? Hope your day of rest helps a little.

  • Thank you it hasn't turned into day of rest ,it's been 3 hours of phone calls for ESA and CAB and GPS my head feels like it's on the walzers or the song spinning around is literally going I my head ,how come are so complecated for us ,the people on the end of the phone are lovely and they keep apologising for things being so complicated ,I am really concerned what all this is going to do to me and my recovery :-( thank you for your support x

  • Hi shadows walker, so sorry for your predicament especially as it is not your fault. The stress that will be unavoidably caused, is not going to help your lupus. It's a catch '22' situation. You need time out to try and get through this flare, but you also need money to live. It's so wrong, the way we are treated with this disease. I wish you every luck with your very trying, days ahead of you. Take care.

  • Thank you ,it's been a strange day I have gone through so many emotions ,when the ESA people asked me what was wrong I couldn't remember ,I think it is going to take a couple of days to sink in anyway off to bed now to try to sleep thank you for your support it helps x Chris

  • Hi Shadows walker

    So sorry you have lost your job!. You look after yourself as best you can to minimise the stress. I'm glad you contacted the CAB and hope they were helpful . This illness is so cruel, thinking of youX

  • Thank you for your kind words ,been to see GP tonight and she is so shocked ,but understands I mustn't get stressed about it as it will do me more harm ,must admit my head is all over the place .x

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