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4 more weeks till new job

I just wanted to say to you all keep pushing till your breathe your last drop...ever since i have been diagnosed 3 years ago i have suffered some major lows and you all have been comforting to me sharing advice etc..

In 2015 n 2016 i decided i wanted my life back so i began eating healthily drinking kefir drinks taking feroglobins vits juicing kale the works. Yes for me it helped. My present company kept making me feel because of this disease i was stuck there on low wages with lots of responsibility because no other company would take me on and i won't lasts.

Guess what i start my new job in 4 weeks and i am excited.. so keep the faith we have lupus but lupus does not have us.

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Hi avionne,

It's great news that your lifestyle changes have helped you feel better and that you will be returning to work.

I'd like to advise everybody to check with their doctor before starting any alternative treatments or supplements because what works for one person can potentially be harmful for another. People who are immunosuppressed should be cautious with kefir because it contains actively growing bacteria and yeast. There is some concern that people with a weakened immune system might be more likely to develop infections from these bacteria or yeast.

If you need any information about available support for your new job, we have a couple of guides about lupus and employment. You can view and download the guides here - or if you require physical copies, just send me a private message or email with your name and address.


Good for you.

What a great attitude.You will be an asset to any company.

Your present company are the ones to lose out.

Very best of luck in your new job.



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Thank u dear


Congratulations - and the very best of luck X


Thank uuuu


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