Lupus rash?

Lupus rash?

Anyone else have or had this type of skin rash/lesion, this is the heel of my hand but areas of my fingers and some toes have the same. It's very itchy. I wash only with Dermol and have been using many topical treatments, the latest are diprobase and epidermis but nothing has made a difference. I will see my GP next week to discuss recent blood test results

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  • Hi there. I'm not diagnosed so someone may be able to comment that is. I get itchy rashes. At the moment I have a really bad break out of a blister type rash on my lower leg that is terribly itchy and steroidal cream not helping that much. 

    I also have itch between my legs and scalp. Can't really see a rash but damn itchy. 

    With regards to your rash I get that sort of on my feet. Is it possible it's a fungus/athletes foot type rash that I believe doesn't just have to be on feet? My feet itch tends to happen on the sides of my feet towards my ankle and anti fungal cream helps with that one. 

    It looks very dry! Hope you kind find out what it is. Rashes are just awful. Especially when you haven't a clue what you are dealing with and they itch like mad!

  • Thankyou for replying, I also am not diagnosed though do have a number of symptoms which would tie in with having lupus and will hear next week what the bloods recently taken say😳 I have to be careful that I am not looking for or even imagining symptoms so that they will fit in with a diagnosis. A few years back a rheumatologist told me I may have lupus because of my ANA being raised but at that time I didn't have many symptoms causing me problems so it was not really addressed but now I have the symptoms it has made me wonder. I first attended my GP in January with these rashes and she treated me for athletes foot which did not help, since then I've had various lotions and topical treatments for dermatitis, they soothe for a moment but nothing is helping in the long run so am a bit frustrated. Have seen the sun for the first time this year where I live and that has definitely made my skin worse!

  • Yes, my leg rash has gone fiery the last few days. Usually heat makes it worse so should have known better. I had it covered up most of the time. 

    I know what you mean about being careful not to read lupus into symptoms. It's difficult though. But I think as long as you are aware there may be other explanations it's also okay to wonder if it's lupus and pursue answers. 

    I'm waiting my first rheumatologist appt. Been under a neurologist off and on for a few years re: nerve disorder. He suspects connective tissue disease possible. Doesn't think now its neurological. Another general medicine consultant tells me he thinks there is deconditioning going on and I have a tilt table test Monday next week. Whilst my GP has told me to read up about health anxiety in the meantime! You can't win! I did get the book and I am reading it.. 

    Well if the anti fungal cream didn't help a dermatologist? Hope you get your bloods back soon and direction.. Stay in touch x

  • I've had them on my feet thought it was from sweat mine got better now don't laugh but I did an old wife's job peed in a bucket added water and stood in it they whent what's in that I wonder another thing helped apple cider vinegar drunken that helped got to be something in these old wives tales 

  • Haf something like that on me big toe that whent article cos my feet whent really cold

  • It looks like Psoriasis or athletes foot.

  • Yes I get them, Doctor has given me cream/ointment to put on them. Mine are from my waist down, mine does not itch or burn, they are tender.  I have some photos on my page, if you want to see them. My right foot has a rash and I have not been able to wear shoes for almost 2 years. 

    I hope you get over this and feel better soon!

  • Yes I've had this on my hands it was tiny blisters terrible itching and then all the skin peeled off. I was told it was stress.

  • Me too.

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