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Burning hot hands and feet,ike got water filling them... 2/3 times a day?

I am having lots episode's of my hands and feet, often more the right, feel hot and like filling up with water... My hands feel tight.. Can't see anything, but wi der what it is.. Also get Terri le pins and needles ery easily, even holding a phone.!

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Skin tightening with shiny skin is sometimes a discription of a symptom of scleroderma. Have you had a complete panel run by your rheumatologist? Have you had a diabetes screening lately. Have you ever seen a neurologist?

Many, often benign but some more serious, conditions can cause symptoms like you are describing so please ask for a doctor's opinion about your symptoms. In the meantime, The hand holding the phone can often be from Carpal tunnel, tennis elbow or a shoulder injury to name just a few simple causes. I wear a wrist brace when my tennis elbow flares which helps my hand strength and lessens the amount of times I awake with a dead hand. Try and notice if your pinky goes numb too? If not try the wrist braces maybe while you are waiting to see a specialist it might help until you get a doctor's help.


Thank you, my skin not shiny, but going to speak to lupus nurse. I think it must be aaybe a nerve thing as sometimes right toes feel numb.


I hope they can help. Nerve pain and sensations stink and impede on our life so much. Mention weakness, not just tingling for it is sometimes indicative of long term damage.

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I just had a quick squiz at you're previous posts. If you're hands or any other bit of you is swelling up with fluid - you should go get those kidneys checked asap.

I'm utterly not qualified to say - but with those symptoms I think you should get a Doctor to check you out pretty quickly - just in case. Might be nothing that serious - but with Lupus constantly dragging yourself to a Doctor is the way to stay healthy.


Hi Luppykate, another thing to consider is erythromelalgia- burning red extremities which feel swollen. I have experienced this myself along with small fibre neuropathy which causes pins and needles, numbness in hands and feet.

I would get checked out for both of these.

Best wishes,


Thank you, yes that describes it.. I had seen that Condition, but mine don't look swollen just feel very warm as if skin tight... And I get the pins and needles a lot. But on Dr Google, it says a rare condition, which is why I thought, can't be that I!

Calling my lupus nurse to see if can get an allowitj her, will prob be few months away, but don't see rheum Dr till December.

Thank you for your reply.


Hi, I have erythromelalgia, but no swelling or redness to see, it started on soles of feet, always worse at night when inactive, it’s spread up my legs, also hands & arms & face, I take Duloxetine which helps. Neither my GP or rheumatologist had heard of it


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