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Achy Hands and Back and Hips and Knees and Feet ... sigh

I just need a moan and to get it all off my chest, I try to be up beat and positive but the last couple of days my hands ache so much, I have raynaulds as part of the SLE, but they ACHE so much, and look like witchy hands, just attempting to cut the veggies, or even hold a cup is hard, I have dropped so many things this weekend as they are painful :(

To top it off my back has started to ache and so have my hips, not sure which aches more, back hips feet or hands, stupid feet have decided not to be cold and are now roasting hot, which is making me sweat like a big fat pig, arghhhhhhhhhh ...

So to sum it all up I am a big fat sweaty pig with witchy hands, I walk with a stoop and have 2 bright red feet !!

At least I am not tired lol

Grrrrrrr just had to moan ............

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Lol Jem ;) Not a good time of year for us for sure. Roll on Spring! x


Bless u jemmy. Look on the bright side thou, u still have u're teeth :0) Just keep dreaming of that Caribbean holiday ;0) x


I have started to wear some Arthritis gloves I got off the internet. Quite expensive but they are designed to keep you hands warm, they are fingerless, well fingers go up to knuckle so tips of fingers is free. They also have slight compression. Found these very good.


My feet are burning, my hand barely work, they feel frozen. legs feel weird, but my right hip is ok so one up on you poppet. Have found with the feet walking on kitchen tiled floors help they are infernally cold, but hands, not found the solution yet, nothing seems to work for them. I do really appreciate that a good moan does you good, trying to be upbeat and fib about how you feel can become very wearing at times, so to put it in words to the likes of us who know just exactly where you are coming from is a relief in itself. We don't care if you moan, there is no need to pretend here and I for one know how much better it makes you feel just to get it out of your system.

As they say, been there, done it, got the t shirt.

So please feel free to moan, we've all been there and rest assured that your have our sympathies and love


Hi jjj,

Glad I'm not the only one with witchy hands, lol. I had a really bad attack of the Raynauds the other week when we had the freezing fog and everywhere looked christmas cardy. I had sheepskin gloves on too. That day was the worst I had experienced. My whole hand went numb and took almost 2 hours to come back. I have trouble with large veg, carrots, parsnips I'm OK as they are skinny. I now sit down when peeling veg as I sometimes get a sharp pain around the hip. My left foot, well some days I am OK and other feels like I am walking on stones and then another time it's numb. I have silvergloves but your hands have to be warm when you put them on, but no good when they get wet. I wonder if you can get waxed gloves like the coats,,,,,now theres a thought.

Happy chrimpo


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