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Sleep Apnea and fatique

I am new here.  I use a Cpap with 02 @ night @2 liters my o2 had dropped to 84% help a lot with my fatigue for 6 months my fatigue is back I sleep good, I am waking up tired again I hate it cause I can't do the things I need to do. I lay back down after a couple of hours use Cpap machine with O2. Still am very tired. Has anyone went thru this? Also middle of chest pain thru to back, I have seen Cardiologist everything is fine with my heart. I need total knee replacement surgery and lower back surgery plus carpel tunnel surgery how can I when I do not have the strength to go thru therapy? For all surgies.

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Like you,I need knee replacement and have problems with my spine,as I suffer with lumber spine stenosis,I had an op on my cervical spine 15 years ago,now the other parts of my spine are damaged also. I do have rheumatoid arthritis,and get very fatigue. Recently I was told that I have COPD and although I know exercise helps,it is difficult when there is so much more going on. Don't give up,where there is life there is hope.We just have to keep smiling,take the tabs, and hope for the best. Have a lovely day. 

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Hi 1975May,

I'm sorry to hear that your fatigue has come back and is difficult to cope with. We wrote an article for our blog about fatigue earlier this year. You can read it at


Sorry your having such a difficult time finding an answer to this. Like you I have apnea which is known to cause heart problems.  Though you should keep on with your GP to try and find an answer, you say the cardiologist indicated your heart is fine. If you're still having these pains in the central chest area please ask for a second opinion to be safe. Not all heart issues get diagnosed easily. From personal experience it took me almost 6 years, 3 doctors, and many tests to find an answer.  It turned out that I have Prinzmetal angina which is difficult to diagnose. My LAD artery was 90% blocked, yet unbelievably it wasn't visible on any most tests. This only was identified when I was sent for an angiogram because of my symptoms of chest pains while resting. The cardiologist performed an artherectomy but could not place a stent because the problem occurred at the branch. 


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