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Need some help on my new prescription

After a visit to my GP on 1st April, referred me to blood test, ECG and will have a thyroid ultrasound approx 6 weeks later. I received a letter from him yesterday saying that I am very deficient in vitamin D - Serum total 25-OH '14' (no wonder I had those chest pain, knee pain, swollen fingers …….) A prescription of a high dose vitamin D, Colecalciferol 20,000IU, take 3 once a week for 3 months, then Adcal D3, twice a day. I have read some posts here from members mentioned how/when to take vitamin D if you have other medi to take. Could someone please help to see if I have to take the vita D after Levo in couple of hours. Do I have to take 3 at the same day or split them to every other day? I am now taking Levothyroxine early in the morning, then wait 30 mins to take hydroxy with my breakfast and dinner.

Currently I am on Levothyroxine sodium 75gm for Hypothyroidism, Hydroxychloroquine 400mg for Lupus, eye drops/gel, oilatum gel for Sjorgren. 

Or I have to wait till my GP back from holiday.😐

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Go to your pharmacy and ask to speak to the pharmacist - they are the best person to ask about the need to keep medications apart or what will interact, far better than a GP!

I would have thought the vit D was less of a problem than the ADCal, calcium can be a bit of a nuisance alongside some drugs, such as pred. You do need to have some fat present in the gut for vit d to be absorbed properly - but it doesn't need to be very much, a sandwich or full fat milk would be ideal.

They usually say the vit D should be taken either 60,000 IU once a week or 20,000 IU three times a week - say Mon, Wed and Friday, whichever suits the patient best. If it says take 3 once a week then your GP probably thinks taking it all on one day removes a few complications! 



I spoke to the pharmacist this afternoon, and as what you said take three once a week, all in one day and 2 hours after taking Levo.  

Thanks very much for your advice ☺



I too was Vit D deficient levels of 10!! Took 6 week course and then had blood test. Levels now 95!! On maintaining dose of 800mgs daily. Tbh was hoping they would really make a difference- they haven't. But better to have normal levels of course xx


Hesta,Just 6 weeks course? I have to take 3 months high dosage then Adcal D3 for long term no blood test after 3 month course.😮


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