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Can't shift sore throat/swollen glands/chesty cough

I've had a sore throat, swollen glands, chesty cough, earache and headaches for a week now and my symptoms aren't really improving. I've tried resting, the usual paracetamol and ibruprofen but no luck in shifting it yet. I am quite new to lupus and wondering is this something that will take me longer to get over as my white blood cell count is often low? I am on hydroxychloroquine, had a steroid injection about 2 weeks ago and meds for raynauds diesase. Due to start on azathioprine (immunosuppresent) this week but wondering if this will knock my immune system more and make it even harder to recover?

Any advice/ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks x

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I'm not sure about how long it will last, but I've been diagnosed with 'inactive lupus' and APS syndrome (currently referred back to rheumatologist as gp thinks the lupus has become active) But, I had a bad bout of tonsillitis about six weeks ago, and since then my glands keep swelling and I get a sore throat. It maybe disperses for a few days and then comes back. I wonder if it's all tied in with lupus.

I hope you feel better soon!

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Hi Dancingc21,

It may be worth visiting your GP just incase they feel that you may need some antibiotics to help clear up this infection. If you do have a low white blood cell count then it will limit your ability to fight off infections. It is worth discussing the effects of azathioprine with your doctor. As an immunosuppressant it can increase your susceptibility to infection so you generally need to report any early signs of infection when taking it.


Lots of rest and being kind to yourself......been in much the same state for three weeks now. I have slowly learnt not to push myself when so low or it takes ages to shake anything off......take the antibiotics as a low white cell count makes us more vulnerable to infection......my first year following diagnosis I kept pushing myself....and was or King long hours too....and it went all the way to pluersey before I realised I couldn't carry on as before....

Hope you feel better soon....gentle hugs....


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