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The funny side of lupus #12

Is when during the 'darkness' of the pain and frustration you send a generalised text message to your friends and family explaining that you are out of action for a few days and you receive a barrage of calls and text messages back asking if you have overdosed on pain medication because your text reads as follows................

Hi r boome, oodly at the nonent, plwase let ne test for a gew dzys. Dee uoy akl soon.!!!!!!!!

(And no, its not in Cornish.......Translation - hi everyone, poorly at the moment, please let me rest for a few days. See you all soon.)

I had forgotten to check the message before sending and the predictive text was on......... lol

I dread to think what it would have read if it had been a private message to a fella!,,,,

Even in the depths of darkness, laughter can help bring you the light.

With love as always wonderful lupies and THANK YOU for your messages. X 😜

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Hi amandalilley

Hope you feel better soon. X


I do that all the time 😊 My children think it's a hoot ! I also do it on HU quite often , sometimes you need a teaching degree to decipher what I have written , I would of made a brilliant spy and secret messages 😊X

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A spy........ now theres my new x

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A wonderful text......made me smile as I have had some similar brain fog incidents.....

Gentle hugs....

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