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The funny side of lupus #9

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Is when your 22 year old daughter decided to loss her, keys to my house......

We turned my little, and I mean little, bungalow upside down, inside out, the same for the car.

In total we took about 3 hours trying to find these keys and eventually admitted that she must have lost them or left them at a friends without realising it. So... we prceeded to the next stage of the hunt and she started to call her friends.

I, being the concerned mum, decided a cup of tea was needed and carried on making the tea, put teabags in cups, added water and sugar and proceeded to the fridge to get the milk...... opened the fridge door to be greeted,

by yes,

you guesed it,


And I thought I was the one who suffered from 'brain fog'! πŸ˜‚lol

My wonderful daughter is now 24 and we still laugh and tease her now...... there is still hope us all my lovely lupie friends......

That, honourable lupies is the funny side of lupus. X

2 Replies

So the fact that my 22 year old now still loses keys etc, there's hope she will stop ! 😊

Thanks for making me laugh 😁 and carry on πŸ˜‰

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