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ESA Appeal

Hi,ive had lupus since i was 16,am now 38,i was denied ESA,0/15!,my appeal hasnt been scheduled yet.I have finally got a letter of my specialist saying im unfit for work,will that be enough to reverse the decision?id also like to warn people to have their interview recorded,my interviewer turned a maybe 15metres walking to 15 minutes!,thanks for any help,yours,Andrew

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hi there some advice regarding your ESA, the only problem your have is what ever you say about one point in the form it will ask you the same question and you have to explain in 20 different ways how it effects you, i'm on ESA and been on it since 2009 and the question that are asked in the form i had to answer one illness and explain it not just once but on every question you have to answer, please don't bother with C,A,B because they are about as much use as an ashtray on a motor bike, if you have a letter from your specialist and if you can get someone to help you do those form correctly you will have no problem, but just watch how you go and want you say, if you can't remember things you can take notes or someone in with you if you suffer from your nerves. i hope all goes well let me know if you need any help your friend Alan


Hi, having a letter to say you're unable to work should help with ESA. My specialist wrote one for me and it did, but it does not help for pip .good luck with your appeal


Hi Jay for I just added a post asking hiwhow I go about being assessed for pip which I've read anoutabout through other post.. A disability allowance? However after reading your post about ESA I was just wondering what ESA is. I really don't have a clue what I may or not be entitled to and was hoping you could explain what it is please.



ESA is financial support for those unable to work. The rules are changing and the centre group is being removed. You will then be left with either Job Seekers Allowance or the Support Group for those who are unable to work dispite any changes or adaptations to the work place. The group that is being removed was designed to help those who could work with support find a suitable job.

If you are looking for support in completing the forms, check out the Benifits and Work website


Thank you very much I will have a look at the website


Thanks for the help,i didnt have the letter at my original interview,my specialist couldnt have been more helpful,0/15 for lupus is ignorance and i shudder to think of the number of people these cuts are surely killing.I still get DLA,so i was wondering if that would be at risk if i lost ESA as its not been transferred to PIP yet,i had been on the income support/disability for 20years then...bang!,youre fit for work and `we dont consider lupus that serious!`,my specialist was disgusted.I cant see how a doctor or `medical specialist` can judge an illness that a local doctor once admitted to me that i probably know more about than him!I will keep you informed of my progress,Andrew



I am a little confused as I live in the USA........I assume you are referring to 'disability' income. I am a retired M.D. in the US and have had SLE (as well as Sjogrens and Reynauds) for the past 12 years. I retired early due to my Lupus. My fatigue was so overwhelming I could not go to work on many days: I also developed severe debilitating headaches caused by my Lupus as well as various joint pain, I was hospitalized 2 times because the Lupus attacked my gut and caused a bowel obstruction......while in the hospital the Lupus attacked my bone marrow and my white cell and platelet count went way down. To make along story short, I applied for disability and was turned down.........I WAS INFURIATED! WHO GIVES UP EARNING $300,000+/year to go on a small disability income? I wrote a vicious letter to our Medicare disability program and had 4 physician specialist write letters on my behalf explaining why I was unable to work due to my extreme fatigue. After 3 more months I was finally approved. You have to persevere and have as many specialist as you are able to ask to write letters as to why you are unable to work. I know it is frustrating. In my case why was it hard to see I had gone to school for 16 years, did a 6 year residency and the claim I was unable to work. Only an idiot would deny the claim. Unfortunately, in my country, many of the people that deny the claims are not people trained in medicine........they are incompetent idiots!


Wow,how you managed not to erupt,the idiocy!they`ve been messing with disability benefits here,basically trying to kick as many of as they can,theres 2 different benefits you can claim in the UK,Income support(now ESA)and DLA(now)PIP!,If you can`t claim ESA you`re expected to look for work,so if youre ill and they say no to it you can imagine whats happening.You dont look for work,or get sacked for been ill,you lose it.I imageinged with Obama and all the healthcare stuff the US would`nt be as strict,obviously not,yours,Andrew


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