ESA nightmare

Anyone that has been following my nightmare experience with my recent esa medical will be as gobsmacked as me as to what has happened regarding this farce! On Monday this wk I summons courage to phone the esa dept to find out what was happening & was told...that I've been put in to the support group!!! The chap I spoke to said it was a good job I'd rang because "someone" was suppose to reopen my file & inform me that everything has been overturned, I'd gone from nil points to the maximum 15 points & put in the support group for the maximum length of time of 3 year's?!?! He said that he'd never seen should a quick turnaround on a esa claim before. No mandatory decision, no tribunal. I've not been given a explanation & don't think I'll get one. Someone had made a big big error! I feel like my life has been turned upside down & ive been pulled inside out. My health prior to this farce was on a level where I was coping better, but now I'm in a massive flare. I'd even had bad thought's, which I'd never experienced before. Apparently they owe me back pay for been in the support group from July last year & sure enough it's in my bank account this morning. I'm still in shock of what's happened this last month & can't believe they can treat people this way.

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  • Great news, but you should never have had to deal with all that stress.

  • Still in shock baba. Can't understand how & why it's been overturned so quick. No further evidence from me either. I'm hoping I can concentrate on my health again now & start recovering from this nightmare. Thank you for your reply

  • Good-oh! But how any others have had the same done to them by one of the incompetents?

    One is left to think that maybe this should go to the media - because YOU just thought "bad thoughts". How many have acted on them?

  • If I hadn't phoned last Monday I wldnt have known about the decision been overturned till the postman dropped of another 3 brown envelopes this morning (Saturday) PMRpro! I dread to think how I'd have been thinking & what place my head wld have been in. As you say, how many others have been treated like this & not survived the ordeal? I am going to try & take a step bk from this trauma for the wkend then I need to find out what's the reasoning behind the turnaround decision. I'm set on talking to my mp about my experience also. Their playing with people's lives.

  • That's fantastic I am so pleased for you. I'm have just put in for a mandatory reconsideration. We shall see how it goes. So sorry everyone seems to have to go through this stress when they are suffering already. Reading about your outcome has given me hope to carry on x

  • Don't give up LottieD. No matter how your feeling, don't let them push you into a depressive corner! Good luck with it all x

  • Hi smudge

    What an incredible turnaround in your ESA outcome!. Wouldn't it be so much better if they didn't make the mistakes in the first place!. You must be so relieved that it gives you breathing space for a long time now!. You recover from the shock and your flare, it's awful what they're putting you thru!. Take Care.X

  • Hi Misty, I'm still bewildered & in shock to tell you the truth! Nightmare is the only word I can describe the last month. The system definitely needs changing.

    Thanx for your support Misty x

  • Thanks smudge. It is hard for everyone. At the moment I have no money coming in, lucky I am not alone and have husband getting a wage. Still employed, been off 14 months now am in nil pay. Cant claim jobseekers cos I'm employed . Have decided we'll have to toughen up x

  • I started claiming esa last may 2015 & I was still employed then but on nil pay from my employers. Not sure if it was because I live on my own & had nil income. The Benefit's world is new to me, but will be learning a lot in the coming months I think 😏

  • Hi hun, remember the recent Tv scandal of the poor folks on tax credits?? Very bad civil servants who don,t complete the process or discard someone elses opinion or instruction. You should complain to Damien Green at DWP Ministry because only by the dept knowing what goes on will he do something about it.. I had to do a similar thing with ESA where the post is delivered, a hugh sorting office only where mail is left for days unopened and claimants not getting their benefit renewed or continued on receipt of sick notes that were stuck in this pile of mail. I got a very apoligetic response..

  • Thanx caz-54, good advice. I'll be emailing him this wk. Reading some of the wrong doings to others on this site I've a feeling he's going to be a very busy man 😏

  • Thanks folks. Sent my appeal recorded delivery as advised by DWS staff on phone. Rang on Friday to see if it had arrived to be told it arrived day after and had been signed for but then it is moved on to separate department which can take four days. If I haven't heard by next Thursday ring again. Why is everything just wait, wait. Very frustrating. Thanks for advice like you I am not used to this benefit system.

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