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Hi,im Andrew,i have Lupus,scored 0/15 on my assessment,the `medical professional` lied among other things,my 15 minutes walking turned into 15 minutes,the tower block with a lift turned into me living in a 3rd floor house,and thats a few,this is after his opening montage of `i dont want to scare you,a lot of people die young with it',before his lies!`oh,i suffered from lupas 20 years and its never crossed my mind to look it up!?!'idiot!.Ive appealed,my doctors wont give a note as my old doc (most of my life)says she cant because im not under her now,and the new ones say they dont know me well enough!so im back under my specialist hoping they`ll help with a letter.Im just wondering if theres any advice out there?any help would be appreciated,yours,Andrew


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  • I would strongly recommend the CAB they will support an appeal and take it to high court for you if necessary. They have wide experience and know how to phrase things. Your experience just serves to highlight further how awful the system is, good luck

  • Hi Andrew

    Unfortunately the whole system is a joke i have battled for over 26 years and it was 2012 i was finally awarded DLA for life , however because the name has now changed to PIP i have just last week received a letter saying my DLA is stopping and i have to reapply all over again, i have a lot of medical evidence that i will be sending but its just all the stress that lupus patience have to keep going through.I am dreading this and its made me quite ill this week i a very lucky i have a very good GP who is supporting me . so i guess i will have to wait and see the out come , but you must try and go to CAB and defiantly appeal .

    Good Luck

  • Have you had a look on the benefits and work site a few pounds for membership will allow you access to step by step guides to esa and PIP application form filling.It is quite often how you word your problems as to the outcome.I have found them invaluable and they have a forum to ask qs if you need.

  • Hi Andrew,

    It is best to get in touch with your local Welfare Rights Officer, you should be able to find their details from your local council. They will be able to help you appeal or as said before your CAB. Ask your consultant's secretary for a letter outlining your condition.

    All the best

  • Hi

    I've used both the benefits and work site it's really good, and welfare rights at my last tribunal. He pointed out that the original decision and the reconsideration had been made prior to the DWP receiving any medical evidence. The judge and doctor just looked at each other for a moment asked if I had any more questions. It took them 5 minutes to overrule the decision

  • Hi tired18 please excuse my ignorance but could u explain what u mean when u say "the original decision and the reconsideration had been made PRIOR TO THE DWP RECEIVING MEDICAL EVIDENCE"

  • When I first applied the date on their decision to say no was made before the date on the medical evidence from my GP

    Then when I asked them to reconsider, the date on the reconsideration was before the date on the medical evidence from my Consultant. Just goes to show how much notice they take of the material that they pay for

    Hope that makes a little more sense

  • Thanks for all for replies everyone,yeh,ive been using CAB and my local help centre,even went to see my MP!,im going to pay 50pounds to reprint all my medical records for my appeal and hope to have a specialists letter.Im hoping on a reversal before the panel appeal but thats maybe optimistic,is legal aid in any way advantagous?the only one letter i got from a doc said lupus can cause widespread arthritis,boderline useless i thought,but i sent it.Whats Jobseekers?70 a week,christ it`ll be a decision between electric or food after the 40 i pay to nlincs homess and the 30 i pay to repay an overpayment!!is jobseekers all you can get while the appeals on?ive heard people use the word `euthanasia`,but thats all it is.How a disease that f`s your immune system,gives arthritis and fatigue plus other wonderful things is judged as `fit for work`is beyond me,mind,we live in a society where the PM is known to have `relations` with pigs so i guess it shoulnt,thanks again everyone for your help,yours,Andrew.

  • Just noticed i made a mistake on my 1st letter,yeh,he said id said i could walk 15mins,id said meters,sorry for been pedantic!

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