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Hi all hope you are all as well as can be?

I do not know what to say I need some advice! I have fybromyalgia and osteoarthritis I have a virus at the moment like flu sore throat earache headache and aching neck shoulders elbows lower back and legs.

The problem is the doctor put me on the sick from work last week I work full time.

I slept lots last week but still feel the same as last week should I go back to work tomorrow or not??

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No way should you return unwell surely the doctor wouldn't let you . You would make yourself worse and be off work even longer in the long run . Take care , plenty of water , vitamin c and zinc once a day . rest rest and more rest says your body . Take care x


It's always hard to decide isn't but it doesn't sound like your ready to go back you need to extend your time off and rest thoroughly


Thank you!!

Yes now I am here I just want to go back home to my bed 😡


I know how difficult it can be I myself have been off work since the beginning of October and feel very guilty on my colleagues who have to cover my duties now. You must look after yourself first though. Over the past twelve months I have been off sick for weeks here to go back and be off again n so on and so forth. I am realising now that I will never get better if I don't allow myself the time that I need. So based on personal experience I would say stay off definitely the doctor will happily give you a continuing sick note and you won't need to be seen again if getting an appt is an issue. Just call or pop in and request it. Obviously you won't get it there and then but your doctor can backdate it to the required date. Unfortunately with your conditions your immunity is very low as I'm sure you know already, so even though it's just a virus (famous last words) it probably will take a good while till you're feeling 100%. You need plenty of duffet days and lots and lots of fluids. Take care huni x


Thank you Gail I wish it was that easy I only get paid statuary pay so need to work to pay my bills.

Do you know of any benefits we can claim for??

Hope you have a restful day!!

Take care best wishes xxx


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