Hi everyone,

I just wondered what your experiences were with having a head mri?

i had 1 approx 3 years ago for the 1st time & as soon as they put the helmet on me & moved me into the scanner i panicked & couldnt go through with it. Went to docs, got 10mg of Diazepam, went back a couple weeks later & managed to have it done... Well i need another 1 as been having a few different symptoms the last few months & as nervous as i was i thought i would be ok on 10mg diazepam again! (Taken gradually over approx 3 hrs) Nope! It was just as if i hadnt taken it by the time i got in the scanner! Tried twice & had to come out! 😳 Felt like i had really let myself down as i think i really need to have it done to try & find out whats going on! The only thing i can think is that last time i hadnt ever taken diazepam before but this time i have been taken the odd 2mg here & there for anxiety so maybe iv built up a bit more of a tolerance?

I have another mri booked for next week so need to discuss with my gp how many he recommends i should take. Im also going to take my partner with me to hold my hand when im in there & fingers crossed it will make a big difference & help me go through with it 😋 I was so hoping to have had it done yesterday & would be getting the results next to try & get to the bottom of everything! 😳

Sue x

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  • My husband had an one done with open Mir for his lower back. Not sure if they can do a brain one that way. It is supposed to be for larger people or people with anxiety of closed in spaces.

  • Hi I've had 2head Mr I scans and I feel for you .I didn't know I had claustrophobia until she put that helmet on my head and put me in the scanner .well I only just managed and when I needed to have a second mri. I told through radiologist and she fixed a mirror to the top of the head frame ,so when I looked in the mirror I could see everybody and the whole of the room ,that did it for me so I won't worry if I need another . So it's worth trying .goog luck Elfie

  • Hi Sue.I have had a few over the years. The first hospital gave me headphones with the radio playing and loike Elfie said a mirror so could see everything. Next few times not so lucky so I had to compromise closed my eyes and imagined I was on the beach (ok a chilly noisey beach but hey ho!) Dont know if that works but Good luck. Kezzie xx

  • I hate them, I hate small spaces.

  • I find the music they offer helps most. And I definitely close my eyes, release my muscles everywhere, especially all over my head, jaw, face, neck, shoulders, and imagine I'm in the safest most comfortable place I know with my kindest most calm intimates...I feel as if I'm conning myself, but this really works and can't hurt me or anyone (this technique helps me enormously when I have to cope with other scary stuff, eg dentist treatments. And for many years now I've used it to help damp down anxiety when am having any prob falling asleep, taking naps or meditating. I also use it when travelling, especially flying which spooks me BIGTIME....I feel as if I've basically been doing this technique for so many years that it's become second nature to the point where, at 62, my anxieties are much much more manageable)

    Wishing you all the very best with this MRI...hope you'll let us know how you get on

    🍀🌻 coco

  • I really feel for you, I have had them on numerous occasions and panic every time. With having to wear the helmet as well I don't think I would manage because I always look out of the back just behind my head, come out with a stiff neck but manage to stop panicking and stay in the mri. Sorry this isn't much help but maybe your gp can increase your diazipan. Hope you manage and find a solution take care xxxxx

  • They should sedate you. Very simple

    No reason not to. Can't believe they didn't do it before. Just ask them, don't use your own meds.

  • I have to take at least 10 mg of valium no sooner than 30 mi minutes before the test or 6 drops of Rivotil. Works like a dream.

  • Thank you all so much! Reading your comments really makes me feel supported 😊. My next MRI date is looming.. It's this Tuesday. Every now & then I find myself imagining having it done (I think I'm trying to psych myself up for it!). My doc has given me advice to take 15mg diazepam 1 hr before!.. So fingers crossed it does the trick this time?! 😑😕

    Sue xx

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