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I am not yet diagnosed with Lupus tho has been suspected, My rheumy does however think I have an autoimmune arthritis and as I have been in severe pain recently he ordered an MRI. However this has been declined as I am very overweight and the scanner will not accommodate me (I am actually relieved as I am extremely claustrophobic). What next tho ? does anyone know what are the alternatives to MRI are besides the standard x-rays I have already had.

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  • Sorry to be negative Tidmusshaz but I don't know of any. An ultrasound scan would be a very poor substitute and don't think they're used, in any event, for this type of problem.

  • Ct scan?

  • Hi everyone I've been asking for an MRI scan for ages and one of the consultants I saw said no as exposure is dangerous. I don't think it is given that I've never had one on my brain and the last time I had one was years ago for my hips. Any advice please?

  • hi tidzmusshaz, there are specialist mri scans available, heres info/ link its in the north east and is open sided. hope this helps.mark.

  • Thanks x

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