Do you also have terrible side effects to methotreaxte,

I have been having terrible side effects to my methotreaxte, mainly bad nausea,weakness, and a fussy feeling in the front of my head, like glazy feeling. I take x 10 weekly. I spoke to my Rheumy yesterday and for interest sake to all, he told me that i can split my dose and take it over two nights. I am so happy and trust this will help me as I really suffer for 24 hours after taking my methotrexate. I eat salt n vinegar chips for two days and toast as cant take any food in. I seem to crave vinegar foods when feeling so bad. Any feedback would be appreciated. Have a Blessed day further and lets live every day to the fullest as we dont know what the morning will bring. Blessings!


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8 Replies

  • I don't take MTX any more - the 'glazy feeling' of being unable to think straight - is one I remember all too well. I hated it. I also had bad joint pain and fatigue for two days after every dose (which really interfered with my week), and constantly slightly blocked sinuses for the whole time I was taking it. I found nausea could be controlled by taking it on a full stomach in the morning (the nausea and fatigue usually came on after 12 hours so by the time they did it was bedtime). Everyone will tell you what a wonderful drug this is - and if it is working and you can function, stick with it. If not...

  • Hi Maggie, thank you very much for your feedback. MTX is working for me and at this stage im too scared of reverting backwards so will take your advice and drink them in the mornings rather and hopefully can sleep off all the nasty side effects which i have exactly as you explained here. Take care and have a good day further.

  • I inject Methotrexate 20mgs once a week the rheumie is trying to cut back my steroids and increase the methotrexate I see him again next week, I do get sick every now and again not every week and I also get mouth and toungue and nasal ulcers I am going to speak to him about maybe reducinig some of my meds although they say what I take is keeping the lupus under control will let you know how it goes

  • I inject 25mgs. Injections are much more gentle on the tummy. If you can face it they will teach you how to do it. I also take a combination of two different anti-nausea meds which help as well. Cyclizine and Buccastem. Bananas are good for the nausea and little bits of food often to keep tummy lined as opposed to 3 big meals on the days you are affected. Good luck xx

  • Thank you for this. I agree, to avoid nausea eat smaller meals throughout the day. Id prefer not to take any more meds than i am already taking, I am trusting that my split dose will work, otherwise i will also consider injecting myself. Take care and have a blessed day.

  • Thank you for your feedback. My Rheumy replied and told me that i can split my dosage of 10 MTX over two consecutive mornings. :0)) I am trusting that this will solve my nasty side effects. Will keep you updated on how it goes. All the best with your visit and maybe ask if you can also split the dose or take a smaller dose, even if its by 5mg or 10mg. I am on 25mg which is quite a lot but i am mananging better with my condition than ever before. One gets so scared to revert back to where we come from hey. Take care and keep us posted. May God be your source. Blessings!

  • I feel weak and sleepy and out of sorts after taking my methotrexate tablets. I too have a craving for salt and vinegar crisps,and chocolate. No real appetite for regular meals.I suffer a lot of pain,really trs to finish me off.feel a burden,i look well, no sympathy or compassion,no wants to know how you are feeling,

  • Hi don't know if its too late to respond I also was having awful nausea seedy headaches sore throat runny nose Hair falling out When I split the tabs over two days much more tolerable and now I've been on them 8weeks I am feeling the benefit But I was all for coming off them I felt my body was invaded With everything else I was beginning to wonder if it was worth it I now feel so much better as a whole person Hope it works for you Take care

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