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ESA Trouble

Hi everyone,i`ve been on before and found everyone so helpful,i`ve had Lupus since i was 16,i`m now 39,i was turned down and lost my appeal despite my specialists letter about 2 months back.I hear now you can only reapply if it gets worse(what do they thinks going to happen with Lupus!?!),i`m furious i`ve now basically got to risk my health before i can reapply,everyone working in the job centre cant understand how ive been turned down,i`m still on DLA as well so they`ll probably go for that next.I sent off for my appeal notes and have received nothing,is there any where i can put a complaint in?in case anything happens i just want something done even if it just helps other Lupus(ians?).Any advice on what i can do would help,its on my mind all the time and if i lose my DLA money i cant even afford the extra room tax!hope everyone`s having a good weekend! any advice on PIP or a complaint no.or any suggestions would be appreciated,yours sincerely,Andrew.

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Have you tried CAB? They may be able to help you or know who else who can? They helped me with my last appeal.


Contact your local mp in writing/e-mail.

Put you complaint and concern to local job centre and get a receipt for it.

Look on benefits and work site for advice and they will have complaints e-mail addresses for dwp/Esa.

Hope something there helps.



If you are working you can not claim ESA only DLA/PIP 

You don't say what you were turned down for, check with your local council for the number of the welfare rights team and speak to them. They are specialists in this area and the service is free 

Good luck 


Hi Andrew,

As well as above go to the website benefitsandwork and there is a forum with all questions like this that you can read where they give you professional answers to these questions.

There are also form guides on there that tell you how you can appeal and what to put on the appropriate forms that should get you through.  It's a very valuable site for anyone on benefits to be a member of.

They also help you to apply for all benefits and how to act in assessments and what they look for in people too.

But don't ignore what others have said before me either.  I think you should contact your mp for being turned down etc.  But keep all hospital letters and any evidence that proves your illness and make copies to send with your forms too.

I hope this helps and good luck.



Hi,no,i cant work so am now having to claim JSA,I went to see my MP before my appeal so i guess its an idea to go again,ive got my letters still (including my specialists).Feels like im now just waiting for them to take my DLA.The guy who did my original interview lied and the doctor on my appeal was aggressive from the start,as if the decision had been already made.Ive tried CAB but it seems all i can do is wait for my lupus to put me in hospital again and then reapply,yours,Andrew,thanks for the replys


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